You asked, I answered: part one.

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Last week I opened up the floor for questions. Questions about blogging, life, parenting, marriage… whatever! I got a ton of great ones so I’ve broken them into two parts, family life/personal questions and then blogging questions! I wrote about growing your blog the other day so if you’re interested in that, check it out here 🙂 (shoutout to Jen from South in the City for that question!)
So let’s get started, shall we? We will start with the blogging questions today!
1. How on earth do you find the time to always, always, always have professional pictures taken of your gorgeous ensembles? It blows me away every single time. -Brianna from Sincerely, Brianna Leigh
Well Brianna, you’re the sweetest… thank you! But my photographer and I actually have it down to a science now. We shoot once a week, usually 2-3 outfits at a time. It usually only takes us 20-30 minutes early in the morning after we drop the kids off at school. Miss P usually hangs out in the stroller or with our other friend while we strike a pose. Since Amy and I are friends, I didn’t want to take away for her business. So I actually asked on a local page if any photographer was interested in taking my blog photos each week. But because she’s awesome, she insisted on doing it for me.
2. How do you find the time to blog everyday whilst being a stay at home mum with two little ones. This is something that I really struggle with! -Liane from Rosy Cheeks and Muddy Feet.
This is probably the most challenging thing for me. When I first started, I was pregnant. And when I got serious about it, I only had one. Well throw in two mobile tiny humans and life got real crazy real quick. So how do I find time? Usually it’s in the morning. I sit down to bust out posts while they’re eating breakfast and watching TV for a little. I’ll try to write and read as much as I can. Mid-morning we head outside, to the playground, to a friend’s house, whatever. I still keep my phone with me to respond to emails/social media interactions… a huge part of having a blog, in my opinion. I don’t let it take away from my time with the kids, and the way I look at it? If I had a job outside the home, I would be gone 8-5. So checking my email and phone sporadically throughout the day isn’t a huge deal to me.I also think it’s important for them to learn how to occupy and entertain themselves. There’s not always going to be someone else to play with them and it’s important they learn that too. Now this doesn’t mean I sit down at my computer and work all day without playing with them, but an hour or so in the morning or afternoon is good for everyone.

I also get work done at night after they go to sleep. Sometimes. Sometimes I’m just flat out exhausted and can’t do another thing that day. If I can, I try to write 1-2 posts and schedule them. But if I’m being honest, most posts happen in the morning. Some I schedule out, some I post that day. It just depends!


3.How do you stay organized? I’m talking between this blog and posts, kids, husband, and everything else life throws your way. You always seem to have it under control. And kudos to you for making it all look so EASY! *I’m not a parent, but you still make it look super easy ;)*
I must be doing an okay job if I make it look easy, huh? Haha but it’s not always easy… and most days I’m in survival mode. I treat this blog like I would treat a “real” job, because it is my real job. I’m bringing in a small income and learning more about what I love… writing. I’ve explored freelance social media and writing jobs and having my own blog helps me stay on my toes.
But anyways, back to the other question. It’s all about balance. And learning to keep a balance is something I work on everyday. But a typical day (that Nolan doesn’t have school), I’ll spend some time blogging in the morning, play with my kids, get them lunch and maybe do some work while they’re eating. Then we’ll have “quiet time” in the afternoon while we read, watch a movie, and if I’m lucky… they nap 🙂 But they’ve decided napping is no longer for them so that’s been a little bit of a challenge. But quiet time allows me to catch up on social media and emails from my phone.
Then we play after quiet time until my husband gets home, and then I cook dinner while he plays with them. I give the kids baths after dinner while he does the dishes, and then we spend some time as a family before getting them to bed. My husband usually rocks P to sleep while I lay with Nolan. Then I get some work done, spend some time with Z, and head to bed between 10-11. And then wake up and do it all over again!
I usually get the cleaning done while Nolan is at school. I’ll throw laundry in periodically throughout the day and then change it in between our blocks of activities. I’ve started to shower at night because showering in the morning with these two is damn near impossible. Oh and eating? That happens quickly while they’re eating or when they’re done eating… and by that I mean I eat their scraps. Do what you gotta do!
It’s definitely not easy but I’ve come to realize that chaos is our normal. Somedays I’m ahead and other days I’m struggling to breathe. But that’s life, it’s my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
4.Any tips on getting sponsored posts?  I have an entire post dedicated to this question that I’ll have for you all soon. But I definitely have some things I can share about this.
So I think that’s enough for these topics! I will answer the family life/personal ones soon. I had so much fun doing this and am thinking about doing it every few months. What are your thoughts on that?! Hope you enjoyed these!
If you these sparked anymore questions, feel free to ask them here. I’ll keep this open and running 🙂




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