Wear Love (Review and Giveaway}

With love in the air this week, I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce you to one of my new favorite companies.

The story behind Wear Love is one of the coolest stories I’ve ever heard. Taken from their website, here’s what they have to say:

“Wear Love® was started by  “accident”.  What began as a photo art company in 2010 turned into a t shirt line.  We printed some cool tee’s with our new company name, Spit in the Dirt™ on the back ( wear Love on front) to advertise our new venture.
Spit in the Dirt™ comes from the New Testament, John chapter 9 when Jesus heals the man born blind. Jesus spits in the dirt, makes mud and puts it on the blind mans eyes.  He sends him to the pool of Siloam to wash.  Still blind, the man makes his way, by faith, to the pool, washes his eyes, and is healed.  “I was blind, but now I see”.
Our story at Spit in the Dirt™ in many ways is like the blind mans’.  We each are making our own faith journey thru life, down some narrow unknown paths and rocky places, only to experience at our own “pool”, we have been given new eyes to see.  Our passion is to uncover and rediscover the beauty of a world created in love and for love.  We want to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and hope that others discover a life with new eyes too.
Spit in the Dirt™ is our LLC but Wear Love has become our branding.  The team at wear Love is having fun designing and selling t shirts.  We love the creative process, but this is so much more than a clothing line.  The real inspiration is in the message. We want the words “Wear Love  Put it On. Wear it Out”. to  invite people into a place of adventure and aspiration.  To be their unique, authentic selves.   We want people to discover what wearing love means for them.”
Their shirts are absolutely adorable, super comfortable, and above all, send the message of spreading love. Although they are a For Profit company, they donate $3 from every shirt to Restore International, a charity that works with preventing the injustice of 

Although the company was founded on a religious idea, the message is universal. If you believe in spreading love and kindness, Wear Love is for you. 

If you place an order, I found that they run a little on the smaller side. I normally wear a small and went with a medium on this one 🙂
Also, enter the code love at checkout and receive 20% off!!

This Valentine’s Day, spread love by wearing Wear Love. To get you started, one of you 
will be winning the same shirt I’m pictured wearing above. Good luck! 

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