The Rise of the Unstoppable Onesie

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When the onesie first arrived on the fashion scene it was treated as a joke, an ironic anti-fashion statement. It was accepted as just another fad – one that would fade away and be consigned to the dustbin of fashion history, in a similar way to the shell-suit.
But no – the onesie shows no signs at all of fading away. It is gaining in popularity and sales are booming. What was once seen as a gimmick sold in specialist or niche retailers is now firmly ensconced on the high street. Even some of the larger department stores now stock them amongst the rest of their clothes.
Adults’ babygro
Whilst bands like One Direction have made the onesie a popular kid’s clothing item across the world, it appears that they are even now being worn by adults. But what is the attraction for those who are a bit older?
Well, for a start they are incredibly comfortable. Soft and fleecy, they are comforting and also very practical. Aonesiecan be worn on its own or over clothes so they make a lot of sense if the weather is cold. It is, in a way, like a man wearing a suit. He does not have to think about what combination of clothes he is going to wear when he gets up in the morning, he simply puts on a suit and has one less decision to make.
The onesie has divided opinion like few other fashion items. You’ll now see many peoplein the supermarket or dropping their children off at school whilst wearing their pyjamas. Some supermarkets have tried to ban shoppers wearing nightclothes, but when they are actually selling the onesiesthemselves and making a healthy profit, it becomes very difficult to try and stop customers doing so.
Critics have raged against the onesie, though while they might be clothing for the truly lazy, when the truly famous such as Brad Pittare seen wearing them in public it’s likely that people will imitated them.
In fact, onesies date back a very long time – even Winston Churchill wore one during the war. Granted, it was called a siren suit and was designed to be flung on over clothes or pyjamas to make a quick dash to the bomb shelter, but it was a onesie nonetheless.
Statement of equality
The counter argument to the fashion police’s outrage is that the onesie denotes equality in society. They are not dignified or smart but it is well-nigh on impossible to guess at the status of the person wearing one. A onesie makes your figure unimportant and they hide a multitude of faults that more revealing clothing will show up. They are for people who are not vain or fashion victims.
And so the joke, if it is a joke, of the onesie continues. You can now buy onesie animal suits. They include gorillas, reindeer, lions, devils, frogs, penguins and dinosaurs to name a few. So, the march of the onesie seems endless, and they are definitely here to stay.


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