How much does your husband REALLY know about makeup?


husband makeup tag... how much does your husband REALLY know?!

Good morning friends and happy FriYAY! I’m currently on my way to Chicago for the weekend and I am SO excited. We have so many exciting things planned including a blog conference, Lou Malnati’s, a photoshoot with a fab photog and more. EEK make sure you’re following me on Snapchat to catch it all!

But I had to share this little quiz/tag before I head out. My friend Whitney did it with her husband and I was curious to see if my husband knew as much as hers did. For real, her husband knew more than I did. I think everyone should do this with their spouses for 2 reasons: 1) because it’s funny and 2) to see if they listen when you talk!

So when I asked him what all of these things meant, here were his responses:

Bronzer: Stuff that you put on your face that gives you like, a tan look. I think you put it on your cheeks, maybe. To accentuate your cheek bones.
Blush: Umm, blush is like red or pink stuff that gives you that rosey cheek look.
Mascara: Makes your eyelashes look longer and bigger and whatever.
Eye liner: It’s like that little colored pencil thing that you like draw on your eyelid, like your eye. You outline it.
Strobing: Strobing, sounds like a sexual term.
Eye shadow: The stuff you put on your eyelids and it’s like, different colors. Like that commercial for Smokey Eyes or whatever.
Powder: I don’t know, it’s powder. It’s self-explanatory. You like dab it on your face.
Foundation: The base layer.
Concealer: It’s like a skin color so if you have acne you can cover it up.
Highlighter: A fluorescent marker used to highlight text books. (He was kidding) But it highlights something.
Setting Spray: So like a spray that you spray to like hold your makeup in place.
Contouring: Following the contours of your face, like your cheekbones and stuff.
Primer: When you paint you have to prime the walls so, it’s like a base coat of stuff that you put makeup onto.
Lip liner: You like outline your lips with it.
Brow pencil: Like a pencil you trace your eyebrow with.
Serum: I have no idea.
Cleanser: Face wash.
Micellar Water: Never heard of it.
Toner: I can totally see that you have a toner for Jessie. A musical boner. I have no idea what toner is.
Was this test hard? Yes.
Why? Cuz I’m a dude.

Now go ask your significant other these same questions and let me know how it goes. I don’t think reading these answers will ever get old! 🙂

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