Labor in style

I’m sure most of you have worn a hospital gown. They are SO invasive. A giant slit up the back, extremely thin fabric, and an annoying tie that keeps coming undone.
Not exactly my idea of comfort, nor are they very flattering. 
For those of you that are mommies, you know that delivering a baby is such a beautiful experience. So why not feel beautiful for that special day?
Here’s a picture of me in my hospital gown. Not very attractive, I know. But that’s not even the worst part of it. I felt so uncomfortable when I was in labor and was focusing on that, when I should have been focusing on relaxing and preparing for my bambino to arrive. 
Well ladies, the lovely women at Binsi have a solution for us! Here’s a little blurb about them:
“Most women in childbirth are healthy and need to be active – so why shouldn’t you look and feel that way?

BINSI ® is the only labor and birth apparel designed by a birth doula and mother of three to work well for midwives, doctors, nurses, anaesthologists, doulas – and most of all you! Our designs were tested and evaluated by mothers.”

GENIUS right?! Feeling more comfortable and confident while in labor is oh so important. Obviously labor is physical (they don’t call it labor for nothing people), but it’s also very mental. 
Breathing, relaxation, and peace are all very important to the process. So Binsi is here to help 🙂
They are sending me a skirt of theirs to try; no, I’m not pregnant, but plan to be in the near future. I absolutely cannot wait to wear this throughout my pregnancy as well as during delivery. 
Check out their website and I will report back once I receive it!
Have any of you ever worn a product like this? What were your thoughts? 




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