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Hi everyone! I am so excited to be guest posting on Samantha’s blog today! My name is Amanda Miller, and I am the creator and writer of The Miller Affect, a fashion blog. I started my blog last October and it has been such an amazing whirlwind. Today I want to share my FAVORITE subscription service, and yes, it is all about fashion!! Have you heard of DITTO Endless Eyewear yet?

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Let me preface this by telling you a story about how I USED to find sunglasses. I would try to buy the cheapest pair I could find (still a little over $10 each) and they would always end up falling apart. OR, I would buy a realllly expensive pair and wear them once a week or once a month, then I would typically grow tired of them. Is this you?

Sunglasses are so important to me since I have super sensitive eyes. When I walk outside the first thing I always do (before even reaching for my phone) is grabbing my sunglasses and putting them on! It is also so important for me, as a fashion blogger, to make sure I am matching my sunglasses to all my looks. I need to be current, and ‘in the know’ on all the latest trends at all times!

With DITTO’s Endless Eyewear program, you pay a small monthly fee (only $19) and you get ENDLESS pairs of sunglasses. They have allll the designer brands you could want! They ship them to you, for free, and you can wear them for a day, or you can wear them for an entire month (or year if you want), it is completely up to you! Once you are done trying them out you just go online and pick out your next pair. It will be shipped to you, for free, along with a pre-paid return label for your last pair! You can literally get up to 5 pairs a month if you want!

Are you worried about scratches? DON’T! Small scratches are covered in your monthly fee. You will only be held responsible for the sunglasses if you 1. lose them or 2. damage them in an unfixable kind of way.

The pictures above illustrate some of the few pairs I have received and posted, but there are many more to come! I will never buy another pair of sunglasses after finding this service! Ditto keeps on getting better and better with all the of the new arrivals coming in. You can now borrow a pair of Prada sunglasses for your next event!

THE BEST NEWS? You can try out DITTO’s program for an entire month FREE with code THEMILLERAFFECT. Yes, I said FREE!!! It will immediately charge your card, but it will be removed the very next day. This is just to ensure your card information is accurate. You can cancel at the end of the month or just keep on using the program and you will only have to pay $19 PER MONTH!!! Another bonus: if you decide to keep the pair, that $19 goes toward your purchase!!!

Where can you sign up??

Head to DITTO now and sign up for ONE FREE MONTH of Endless Eyewear. (use code THEMILLERAFFECT) at checkout to ensure your first month is free!

It was a pleasure guest posting on here today! Head to The Miller Affect now to catch Samantha’s blogging tips :).

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