Garage Sale Page Trollin’

If you were around here last week, you know that I admitted to trolling the local garage sale page on Facebook. No my friends, the days of “what happens at a garage sale, stays at a garage sale” are over. Or something like that…
But these days, you can literally shop a “garage” sale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s on Facebook, Bookoo, Craigslist, etc… there’s no need to get out of bed early, map out your garage sale route after looking in the local newspaper, and elbowing people for the good stuff.
But with the convenience of online garage sale-ing comes drama… and lots of it. And I’m not the only one who enjoys this because a lot of you admitted to me last week that you also like to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the drama unfold.
We all know a lesson means nothing without examples so let’s get to it. Here are a few of the crazy things I’ve seen going down on the garage sale site:
Selling breast milk. Okay, as a nursing mother, you all know I’m gung-ho breast milk. However, I think approaching a hospital and donating the milk may have been a better option in this scenario..
Threatening someones life. I kid you not. Someone was literally stalking this man’s photos and dropping names of people in his family. People were mentioning calling the authorities and I think I even remember seeing some gang activity. All over a shirt or something. CRAZINESS.
Low-balling. I’m all about a great deal but I’ve seen people post computers and someone come back and offer $5. And they’re serious. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Wait, maybe?
First come, first serve. I can just imagine this now…”Honey, there’s a free load of crap on the curb. I’ve got to leave dinner NOW so I can go get it. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to get another speeding ticket!” Then 8 cars pull up and there’s a mad dash to the mound of treasure on the curb…Do I smell a reality show cooking?
Foot fetiches. There was a man in the group asking women to send pictures of their feet. He would PayPal you $50 upon receiving them. Nope, can’t make this up…
Half a case of Coors Light. Apparently they decided they didn’t like it after they drank half of the case. I just hope it was refrigerated…
Used bathing suits. I mean, to each their own.
Free gifts. This was my favorite post to date. Someone posted a Victoria’s Secret bag they received “free with purchase” and said she paid $100 for it (that’s what the tag says). The trolls went nuts on her and everyone called her out on the fact that it was free. I mean, technically she paid $75 to get it free but still, everyone knows those are free!
Photographers. I have never seen so many “photographers” in one area. As soon as someone asks for a photographer recommendation, the thread has over 100 comments. And I think some of them are certified in use of their iPhone…
NSR. NSR= Not sales related. Apparently people HATE when people post anything in the garage sale group that isn’t a sale related post. And I’ll admit, I’ve posted NSR questions in there because people are always trolling that page and you can get a quick answer. But the amount of times I see people bitch about these posts just adds one more post to the page. Just saying…
It’s actually become an addiction and if we’re being honest, I’ve purchased two things since starting this post. And all joking aside, you can actually get some pretty great deals on there. And I’ve actually made quite a bit of money selling things too. Just watch out for the crazies…
Anyone else have a problem or addicted to online garage sales? What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen for sale?





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