Battling adult hormone acne with Zapzyt

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People usually associate acne with teenagers and puberty. But unfortunately, my acne didn’t get bad until my mid 20s. And then all of a sudden, it was as if I was going through puberty all over again! And lord help us all, no one needs to go through that twice!

But for whatever reason, my chin became my problem spot. A week before my period and randomly throughout the month. Which I would attribute to stress because yo homegirl is always stressed but according to the interwebz, stress and hormones are the cause for breakouts in that particular area. So I set out to find a product to help me control it.

Enter Zapzyt. They have quite a few products to help with the situational breakout, which I love because I don’t want to over-treat my face if it doesn’t need it, ya know?

The ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel is a lifesaver. It reduces the appearance of those problem zits in as little as 5 hours! Anyone else try and pop their zits and make it worse? Guilty. This helps me be proactive with the ugly little guys but not make it worse. You know it’s bad when your 5 year old son yells at you to stop picking your face… So this is an easy treatment to put on before bed so that it has time to soak in and work it’s magic overnight. 

You can find the Zapzyt product line at Walmart and all of the products are extremely affordable. You don’t have to change your entire beauty routine but by adding in a few of these skincare products, you can keep those pesky problem zits at bay. We’ve all had those zits that just won’t go away so Zapzyt offers you a solution to attack only the areas that need it.




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