A blonde’s best kept secret.


I don’t think it’s any secret I’m a natural brunette. Maybe one day I’ll throw it back and share some pictures of when I thought it would be a good idea to get the darkest box of hair color and dye my hair black. Woof. And although I love my natural color, blonde is where I feel home. Do blondes have more fun? I’m not sure. But it’s just how I like my hair, hmm k?

But with these dark, dark roots comes the challenge of keeping up with my hair color every 4-6 weeks. And 6 weeks is a stretch. What you’re about to see is homegirl pushing 8 weeks without a touch up and may be disturbing to some viewers…

It actually doesn’t look as bad here as it does in person so lucky for me you only get to see this picture. It was bad. But then I sprayed a little of the Light Blonde Back 2 Blonde spray on my hair and voila! No more dark roots!



Sure, it didn’t cover my roots like color would but that’s not the point. The point is to act as a temporary root concealer spray and hold you over until you get back to the salon. It washes out with shampoo and comes in three different shades, so you can find the one that works for you. I love that it gives my hair a beautiful shine and looks super natural.




Like I said, I used the Light Blonde and I also used it on my friend and her hair is a little bit of a different color. But it blends just perfectly, right?!



Some tips? Make sure you let it dry a few minutes before attempting to do anything with it. And don’t spray super close; make sure you’re a few inches from your roots. You can grab an Ibotta coupon for $4 off and head to Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid to try some!



For my blonde’s, what’s your favorite product? How do you keep your hair looking good between color?







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