I love you s’more.

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Being 29 weeks pregnant on Halloween has surely limited my options this year. No one wants to see a sexy nurse or Cinderella with a baby bump. 
So because of this, I decided to get a little creative with my costume and make it myself. Since I hope to never be this size again, I didn’t want to spend money on a pre-made costume or materials to make a super expensive one. With Zach being away, Nolan and I call ourselves “the duo”; it’s just the two of us! So I wanted to do something to play off that…
And that’s why I came up with a S’more costume! It was super easy to make and low budget… just how I like it! Although my original plan was to have him be the graham/chocolate and my fluffy pregnant self be the marshmallow, getting a two year old to pose is like stepping into a rodeo with a wild bull. It ain’t easy, people. 
I was only able to get one picture of him and without me so with a few alterations, I became a s’more on my own 🙂 

Hoola hoop
Cottonelle Triple Roll (2 rolls)
Brown felt (5 pieces)
Cardboard box
Scotch tape
Hot glue gun
Burlap (it’s what I already had but you could use ribbon, string, etc)

Using the tape and the toilet paper, I wrapped around the hoop to cover it and then went the opposite direction across it. If it broke while wrapping, I simply tucked it under, taped somewhere new and started again! 

For the cookie/chocolate, I cut the sides of a box and used the scissors to make little indents like the graham cracker. It was originally made to fit Nolan so I probably would have kept it a little larger had I known he was going to be difficult!
I then glued the felt around the edges, just peeking out slightly. I kept them in squares to make it look like a piece off of a candy bar!

And last but not least, I cut straps of burlap and glued them to wear over my dress. Voila, you have a s’more!  Campfire anyone?! 
Cottonelle also has a great coupon out at Target right now; buy a 12 or 20 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll and get a free pack of Kleenex facial tissue (while supplies last). You can check out the coupon here.
Have you ever made your own Halloween costume? What did you use and what were you?! 


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