The uglier the sweater, the better the party.

I have a thing for ugly Christmas sweaters… like seriously, I look forward to purchasing a new one each year. 
Yes, the above picture was pre-ugly Christmas sweater obsession but I made this elf costume and the face I’m making is pretty ridiculous… so I thought it was appropriate for the post. 

But have you ever seen an older woman wearing a sweater, like really wearing it, and thought “that’s the most heinous thing I’ve ever seen… and I need it. ” Because I have. There’s something about oversized embellishments, trees that actually light up and bears and kittens that draw me in and make me want to stay awhile. 

In fact, Zach and I love them so much, we got engaged in them! Just kidding, it wasn’t meant to workout that way but the picture above was minutes after we got engaged. It makes me so proud to know that we will look back on those photos for years to come and know that we agreed to spend the rest of our lives together while wearing the ugliest sweaters we could find at Goodwill that day. 

These were the gems we purchased last year. And my husband’s face pretty much seals the deal that they were the ugliest and greatest purchases for the party. 

But if Goodwill isn’t your thing, you certainly don’t need to miss out on the party. I found the gems below for the hubs at Target and they didn’t break the bank. Because yes, I love me a good ugly Christmas sweater but because it’s a once of year type of thing (and I need a new one every year), I refuse to spend a ton of money on them.

Oh and this year, our Christmas Eve has been transformed into an ugly Christmas sweater theme party. My family of 30+ in sweaters with throw up of reindeers, trees, and kittens all over them? Count me IN.
Where do you find the ugliest sweaters!? 


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