How Bean became Nolan a Few Days Sooner (original post August 20th, 2011)

As most of you have seen already, Zachary and I found out that our little piece of Heaven expected in January is a little boy. We are over-the-moon excited and can’t believe that this little being in my body actually is a little boy! We weren’t supposed to find out until Monday, August 22nd but fate let us find out a little sooner, and offered one big surprise to daddy.
I wasn’t supposed to have another doctor’s appointment until September 12th, but since I’m going back to Ohio to have the baby and switching doctors, the doctors here thought it’d be best to see me one last time before I left. The day started out very frustrating; they were supposed to have my records ready and they didn’t and of course being extremely hormonal, my mood changed quickly and I was pissed as all could be. Whatever, I told myself… at least you will get to hear Bean’s heartbeat, that will make it worth it. I sat with the nurse, then the doctor, and we just talked about me going back home, all my charts, etc. I heard Bean’s heartbeat (148) and of course the old wives tale ran through my head…boy or girl!? I just couldn’t wait to find out!
Right before I was about to walk out, the doctor asked me if I knew what I was having yet. I told her that I was scheduled to find out Monday (as long as Bean showed the goods) but wouldn’t be able to tell my husband until Wednesday since he would be on a patrol in Afghanistan. Being apart of the military herself, I think my doctor sympathized with me and it hit close to home and she too was probably deployed at some point. She said, “Let’s see if we can take a peek.” My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe we were actually going to (possibly) find out what Bean was! And the best part, Zach wouldn’t be expecting it until the following week and for once in my life I could surprise him!
I hopped up on the table and the cold and uncomfortable goo didn’t even bother me as my eyes were glued on the screen. Bean was moving like crazy, summersaults and flips and legs tucked under his butt. Come on Bean! Finally, she froze the screen and added a little arrow. “Does that mean it’s a boy I asked?” She said “I think so!”. Tears swelled behind my eyes as I stared at the screen at our little boy. I couldn’t wait for Zach to call me so I could share the news…the next few hours couldn’t go fast enough!
I waited patiently and told everyone I knew that I “knew”, but couldn’t tell them. We know an amazing photographer and friend who we had talked about doing a “Gender Reveal Maternity Shoot” with, and now seemed like a better time than ever. Although I wanted Zach to be the first to know, as soon as I revealed the news to him, he would be too excited to hold it in until the photos were taken and edited. So, I met Alicia for props and revealed to her that it was a boy. She’s the sweetest person in the world and to see her reaction was priceless. We set up for the shoot, had a blast playing with Nolan and props, and headed home to wait for Zach’s call.
Hours and hours went by and still no call. The anticipation was killing me but I did a great job keeping the best secret I’ve ever had. Finally, he called, and I tried to pretend like I was mad and that something was wrong. It didn’t last long; my friend came into the room and made some comment and I quickly told her I hadn’t told him yet. She left the room and he immediately knew, “You found out?!” I smiled and told him yes and said I hadn’t told anyone. I had made a sign that said “It’s a boy!” and slowly moved it in front of the Skype screen. He sat there in shock, and had to ask me if I was serious. I told him yes, and we both just smiled and couldn’t believe the news we had been waiting months for was finally here!
We called our parents, shared the pictures our photographer had taken, and celebrated with friends from thousands of miles away from each other.  We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to meet this little bundle of joy.
Welcome to the family Nolan!



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