Truth or Dare with Target denim.

Today’s discussion is sponsored by Target via Mode Media. My obsession with Target denim is genuine and all opinions are my own. 


It’s hard to remember what kind of jeans I used to wear before I discovered skinny jeans. Because for as long as I can remember, skinny jeans have always been my go to. And despite not always being “skinny” when wearing them, they seemed to be the best fit for my body. My weight and size has fluctuated over the years, but my proportions have always stayed the same; small waist and big hips. And my legs; my friends used to tell me I had “chicken” legs in college because my legs always looked so small. Optical illusion people, it was only because my butt is so big.

Skinny jeans have just always been the jeans in my comfort zone. I know they can go with anything and I know that they’ll usually fit me the way I like them to. Like this pair from Target; standard dark wash skinny jean. And I love them. But that’s my truth; I always look for a skinny jean, preferably with a mid to high waist. Why? I don’t want anything pouring over the sides and since I have a small waist, it usually works that way.








But no one likes the person who always picks truth in a game of Truth or Dare though, right? So I decided to pick a different style of denim and style them to show you that it’s fun to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes.

Overalls. I saw overalls and thought of my kids. But overalls are back in the fashion game and I just haven’t mustered up enough courage to give them a try. Until now!

First thought? Holy comfort. Why have I waited so long and can I wear these every day??!

I’m not going to lie though, I had no idea what to wear with these at first. My first thought was to wear casual shoes, but I decided to check good old Google search to see how everyone else in the world was wearing them. And to my surprise, most people were pairing them with platforms, wedges, or heels! I think they can definitely be worn with a casual shoe too though, but I said I was daring myself to step out of my comfort zone so for me, it was go big or go home. And I’m certainly glad I did 🙂









What do you think?! What type of jean are you most afraid to try? Flare? Boot cut? Skinny? Because you never know what you might like until you try it. Target is killing it in the jean department right now, and even offering free shipping and free returns on jeans from 8/2-8/15. So with that, you can order a bunch to try which style fits you best! And then send the rest back for free 🙂

Now it’s your turn to take the denim truth or dare challenge… 🙂 Use #TargetStyle and show us what you’ve got!

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