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NYFW Day 2

Happy Monday babes! How was everyone’s weekend? After the chaos last week I was looking forward to a relaxing, low key weekend with the fam. Which of course, didn’t happen. But I’ll save that for another day… Today I’m sharing my first full day in NYC, NYFW Day 2.

I started the morning out by taking the subway with my friend to work. Holy cluster EFF. I had a giant backpack and a purse and thought I was going to get stuck halfway on the platform and halfway on the train. There were SO many people and it was dead silent… it was quite the experience.

When we got off the subway, Kelly headed to work and I attempted to find my way to the Faviana showroom. I got super lost but eventually, I made it! They had pre-pulled a few dresses for me to try on and I settled on my two favorites. Scroll down to see the one I ended up choosing and wearing 🙂

With dresses in hand I sprinted to the other side of town to make it backstage for the Tanya Taylor show. I hadn’t been to an actual show yet (just the Katie Gallagher presentation) so I was super excited to see the prep work backstage. There were different rooms for nails, dressing, hair, and makeup. I was backstage on behalf of MAC and of course, just in awe at how perfect their products and application always are.

While backstage you’re able to interview the hair stylists, makeup artists, nail artists, etc to learn about the trends for the upcoming season and the inspiration behind the looks. So cool, right? I wasn’t able to get an interview with one of the MAC makeup artists but I did interview the hair team about the look they were creating.

I didn’t stay for the show because technically I didn’t have a ticket and I wasn’t sure how it worked. Did I need to ask for one? Could I just stay? I didn’t want to ask too many questions that day because I knew everyone was busy running around so that’s definitely something I will need to learn for next time!

SO then, I left that area of town and headed to the main hub, Skylight Clarkson Square. My uber driver dropped me off where all of these “paparazzi” were taking pictures of celebrities and big bloggers/vloggers and I walked in like “nope just me” haha. But I had no idea what to expect and couldn’t wait for the show to start.

The first show was Hakan Akkaya. It was one of my favorite shows; all the lights went off, the music started, and I just felt this wave of excitement. The models were beautiful, the clothes were amazing, and the rest of the week would have big shoes to fill after that show!

After the show was finished I went to Brooklyn for the Jessie James Decker Kittenish Pop Up. If we’re being honest, this was a complete waste of my time and money. It was $25 for general admission and that got you in the doors, pretty much. Oh wait, I got a cake pop too. It was $100 for a meet and greet but I’m so thankful I didn’t do that. It was totally not what I was expecting and after waiting outside in the 25 degree weather for over an hour to get in (even WITH A TICKET), we walked in and walked back out. Never will I do that again.

There was supposed to be a Stylinity Soiree from 12-6 so when we got there around 5 and they were closing up shop, we didn’t really know what to do. So we walked down the street to grab some food and a drink. Even though I had dinner plans shortly after but I didn’t eat much all day so it didn’t matter.. I was starving.

I met Kelly and some of the Faviana ladies at Casa Nonna and little did I know I was about to make a big mistake. I ordered what I thought was a salad with steak on it. Turns out that is NOT what I ordered and I ordered Tartare. Which IS RAW MEAT. It just looked like Bruschetta to me so I ate some of it. I had no idea it was raw meat until we were walking home later and Kelly made a comment about it being weird I ordered raw meat considering I’m weird about meat in general. Let’s just say I felt so nauseous the rest of the night and I will never be ordering Tartare again…

Without even realizing it we were at dinner for over 3 hours! I guess that’s what happens when you are surrounded by 3 fun ladies who you have a lot in common with 🙂 We were supposed to head to a NYFW Kick-Off party but we were both so tired and not feeling it. So since we were so close to Times Square, we decided to take advantage of it. I had only ever been there once and it was during the day so I needed to see the magic at night.

Woof I’m exhausted just typing all of this out but still have three more days of recaps for ya! Eventually I’m going to write a post about some things I learned, things I packed and didn’t need to, things I didn’t pack and needed, etc. But let’s get through all the recaps first before I lose my mind, hmm k?




  • Helen

    Wow! What an amazing experience to get to go! So cool, and LOVE your outfit.

  • Melissa

    What an experience! That was so interesting to read. It always seems so crazy in NYC that time of year! Looks like you had a lot of fun though!

  • Christen

    Wow! NYFW seems really intimidating to be honest. I’m sure I’d love it in the moment, just reading this gave me some anxiety! What a cool experience, but the not knowing would totally stress me out! Sounds like you had an awesome time and what fun to try on some of the clothes!

  • Kelly

    Is it weird that even though I was there and was mentioned a few times I still felt surreal reading this? You definitely crammed a lot into day two and I am glad a few of the Times Square photos came out! 🙂 Get ready for September!!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Safaniya Stevenson

    That pearl statement necklace is everything! I’m glad you were able to try to keep warm in that cute yet short dress! One of these days I’ll be cool enough to get VIP treatment during NYFW.

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    Love your NYFW coverage! Keep it up girly! 😉


  • Amanda Kruse

    I am so glad you had so much fun! I really hope to meet you when I go back in September! 🙂

    Amanda ||

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