Here we go loopty loo.

I don’t think it’s any surprise I love kimonos. I don’t even want to count the number of them hanging in my closet because I already know it’s quite a few. But they’re the perfect lightweight layering piece and come in so many different colors and sizes. Most of mine are on the shorter side, so when I saw this longer one with fringe from Pink Blush, I knew it needed to come home to my closet.
And want to know a secret? I HATE wearing strapless bras or bras than twist and conform to cover straps and yada yada. So I’ll avoid those if all possible. But sometimes I find dresses or tops that are strapless or racerback and have no other choice…. or do I? Yep, throw on a kimono and you can wear a regular bra! Crisis averted.


Pink Blush kimono c/o// Dress (can’t remember where I got this…)// Naya wedges//Robert Matthew bag c/o// //


So I wanted to talk about loop giveaways for a quick second. I know, you’ve probably seen about a billion and one on Instagram and if not, I’ll break it down real fast. Basically, a bunch of bloggers/shops chip in and buy one huge gift (or cash) and you have to follow all of them by going through the loop. You like one picture, tap on the image once to see who they tagged, and then go to the next profile. You follow them, like their image from the giveaway, and so on. Sometimes there are 10 people and sometimes there are 100. Just depends on the prize I suppose.
Why participate in one? Well for me, it’s a great way to not only reach more people but to find new blogs/shops as well. I always follow everyone I’m in the loop with because I love finding new accounts to follow. And if I’m not doing a loop, I’m entering them. Who wouldn’t want to win $900 to Target?!
But of course, there comes a downside to loops and that’s a) feeling like you’re spamming your followers and b) losing followers after the giveaway. I want my followers to be there for a reason. And that reason should be because they like me and my content. So if they want to unfollow me after the giveaway has ended, so be it. It doesn’t feel good because you wonder “what did I do wrong?” but in all actuality, some people don’t want to find new blogs/shops to follow and that’s totally fine. Everyone has their own reasons for using Instagram.
My point in all of this? Just like any other sponsored content, if you don’t like the loop, please scroll past it. Please know that my intention is never to spam anyone or to get a billion followers for the heck of it. I genuinely love interacting with all of you and that’s one of my main reasons for doing loops. Yes, I want to grow my brand but I will never “sell out” just to watch the number rise on my followers count.
With that being said, there will be a loop on my Instagram this afternoon. But I promise, it will be the last one for awhile. Sooooo go enter and if you don’t want to, please just scroll by and don’t break up with me? k?? Unless I post like 100 in a row and that’s all my Instagram becomes. Because yes, then you can break up with me.
But now I want to hear your thoughts on loops. Have you done them? Do you enter? Do you unfollow? 



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