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New house design inspiration+ wishlist

The moving truck comes Friday you guys… LIKE, THIS FRIDAY! I can’t even believe this is really happening because it all happened so quickly. I don’t think it will hit me until we close on our new home and start this new chapter of our lives.

Moving so often can be a real pain in the ass. But one of the best parts about moving? Redecorating! We’ve had the same furniture and decor for the past two homes so I’m thinking it’s time to switch things up a little now. And if that doesn’t happen right away, a girl can dream… right?

But here are some of the pins I’ve saved from Pinterest as inspiration + some decor I’ve already ordered or plan to order in the next few weeks. I’m not even sure what my “style” is so if you know, let me know! Haha


Yes, I know these are Pinterest images and my house won’t look exactly like this. I mean, I have kids and pets so I have to be careful. We currently have a gray couch so we may have to settle for white accents. We’ll see once we get in there! But here’s what I’ve purchased/is currently in my cart:

Out of all the houses we’ve lived in, this one has the most square footage. But it also has a lot smaller of a master than we’re used to. So I’ve been doing a lot of searching for small masters and how to make the most of them. Here are some of the ones I’m in love with:

However, since there are 4 bedrooms…this mama is getting her own Babe Cave! Here are some of the pins I’ve been saving:

My mind is just overflowing with ideas and I can’t wait to share more with you as we get into the house and start making it a home 🙂




  • Angela Krieger

    I really love that white vanity!! I’ve been looking for one for our master, so I may have to steal this inspo 😬

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