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Quick and easy Super Bowl party prep

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My birthday is February 1st and traditionally, the Super Bowl always falls on the same weekend. Luckily for me, this means another reason to throw a party, over indulge and get together with friends every day of the weekend.
We threw a Super Bowl party last year but I am extremely excited to throw one this year because it will be the first one in our new house! We don’t know many people around here but luckily, we have a few good friends we knew before the move.


Because Georgia is already 10 times warmer than it is in Ohio, I’m totally ready for spring and all of the bright colors that go along with it. When I spotted these neon Sharpie markers and super fun Washi tapes at Target, I knew I had to make something fun with them for the party.


If there’s one thing that drives me crazy when hosting a party, it’s random solo cups being left behind or losing my own cup in the sea of red party receptacles. My solution? Name tags!


Materials used:
Construction paper
Neon Sharpie markers
Washi tape
Glue stick
Solo cups
I wrote out the names, glued them onto the construction paper, and taped them with Washi tape onto the cups. Simple as that!
My next task to tackle was the menu. Because we just had a baby, my schedule has been extremely hectic and unpredictable. To save myself time and stress, I picked up Rubbermaid containers to store any items that I could prepare ahead of time. Veggies, cheeses, meats, etc will be placed in these containers and ready to assemble onto a tray before the party starts.


Now all we need is for the Cleveland Browns to make it to the Super Bowl!! Yeah who are we kidding? That will never happen. But hey, at least I have my birthday to celebrate on Super Bowl weekend… and now I have a super cute cup to drink my drink in while laughing my butt off during commercials!
If you love saving money (who doesn’t?), you can text COUPONS to TARGET and get the latest coupons sent right to your phone! From January 25th-February 8th, you can receive a $1 off Sharpie markers and Rubbermaid food storage containers. Cutting coupons stresses me out but when they’re getting sent directly to my phone, I can’t complain 🙂
Where are my football fanatics!? What types of things do you do for the Super Bowl?


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