22 Week Bumpdate

Here’s a little comparison…12 weeks and 22 weeks!

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: Spaghetti squash
Baby’s size and weight: 8 in, 1 lb
My total weight gain: 23 pounds. Woof. I only gained 25 total with Bubba but hey, I’m still sticking to the fact that I was apparently “underweight” when I got pregnant and that’s why I am gaining so quickly. 
Baby’s development: 
-Develops the sense of touch this week
-Sense of sight is getting more developed
-Can perceive light and dark much better than before
-Eyelashes and eyebrows well formed
-Growing hair!
Stretch marks: None.
Maternity clothes: Yes. No hiding it! I’ve begun transitioning into my fall pieces and since I was pregnant with Nolan the same time of year, I have a wardrobe ready to go. All I need are some accessories to update it 🙂 

Gender: Girl.
Movement: All the time… this kid is a wild child already (like her mama).

Sleep: Still taking Unisom every night…
What I miss: Feeling thin and being able to buy cute fall pieces. Oh and Zach, I miss him a lot too. 

Food cravings: Nothing too specific this week. 
Symptoms: Anxious, tired, hormonal. 
Loves kissing me 🙂
Nolan is: getting smarter by the day! He tries to sing his ABC’s and counts to 13! He’s also been acting out a little and I know it’s because Z is gone and he knows something is up. I try and give him the benefit of the doubt and whoever says kids don’t know any different when their parent is gone, clearly doesn’t know. 

Zach is: doing awesome at school; got an A on his first exam!

What I’m looking forward to: seeing Zach in a few weeks… can’t come soon enough! 
Best moments: Falling asleep cuddling my Bubs every night; our situation may not be ideal right now but I sure do cherish the time we get to spend together. I say “love you” before he falls asleep and he quietly whispers it back before drifting off to dream land. His innocence makes me smile and I burst with love every time I look at him. 
Playing peek-a-boo
Funny things:  Watching Z and Bubs play peek-a-boo on FaceTime… who knew it could be so funny?!
Not so funny things: Scheduling my Glucose test; I had Gestational Diabetes last time so I am dreading my results. Prayers I don’t develop it again… 

I also received the pump I ordered! I had previously used a friends (with all new attachments of my own) but needed to buy one this time. This is by far the best pump I’ve come across and SO excited to have a little more flexibility this time. Especially with two little ones running around, I know it’s going to be a lot easier if I have a supply of milk handy. 

I hate to say this for fear of jinxing it, but this week FLEW by! And we know what that means… less than a month until our little family is reunited for the weekend 🙂 🙂 🙂 
Hope everyone has a super fabulous weekend! Love you all! xoxo!


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