Designer Diaper Bags for the Modern Mom

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When Nolan was first born, I hadn’t thought about how much a baby needed when leaving the house. And I was nursing! So imagine what my haul would have looked like had I needed bottles, formula, etc! 
People were probably laughing at me from afar as I tried to carry a huge diaper bag and purse which let’s face it, most likely looks large enough to be carry on luggage. When I first heard about BabyBeau diaper bags, I knew they had come up with the perfect solution. 
I was never one for childish characters; I still really don’t like them. I have no interest in carrying around a Winnie the Pooh diaper bag or something along those lines. Why do we make diaper bags like that anyways? It’s not like the baby carries them!
Creator Rebecca Gono says:
Becoming a parent throws you into a completely new arena. Many parents find themselves juggling different lifestyles: as a parent, in business, and a wife/husband or partner.  Through BabyBeau, I’ve designed a collection of bags that adapt to these various lifestyles without surrendering fashion for practicality, enabling parents to have it all.” 
BabyBeau diaper bags are exactly what a modern mom needs; a diaper bag that’s made for the mom but functions for the baby. These bags are GORGEOUS and offer a sophisticated twist on conventionality; they come with an organizer, thermal leatherette bottle holder, leatherette changing mat, protective dust big, zipped pocket pouch, and additional stroller clips! 
The best part? The organizer can be removed and you can use the bag as a regular purse. Although these bags may be more expensive than you might typically spend, you’re essentially getting two bags that will last you many years past needing a baby bag and function as a stylish purse as well. 
We’re more than just parents… so why shouldn’t we be able to express our style while being one? 
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