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The Ultimate Gift Guide for 5-7 Year Old Boys

Men are hard to buy for, no matter what the age. I could stock my cart full with dolls, babies, and makeup for my daughter (she chooses to like those things, no gender roles assigned here), but when it comes to my son, it seems like it’s a lot harder! Enter the ultimate gift guide for 5-7 year old boys.

I never know how long he’s going to be into something. Is this too baby-ish now? Will he get bored with this? Is this too challenging?

So to make things easier for all of you, I’ve enlisted the help of my 5 soon-to-be 6 year old to help make the gift giving process a little easier this year! I tried to add a variety of items and cover all price points so you can choose what works best for you! And if worse comes to worse, you can always return things 🙂

Not sure where to start when it comes to giving gifts? I've put together The Ultimate Gift Guide for 5-7 Year Old Boys

Here were some of the toys he recommended; just click on the image below to shop! (affiliate links present):





  • Jillian

    My son is going to be 4 in 2 weeks and I see a lot of things he wants on this list. I think that Gorilla hot wheels garage is going to be his big gift this year.

    • Samantha

      I love that too! I’m debating getting that for his birthday since it’s the first week of Jan!

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