May is for Moms: An interview with my mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! Especially my mom;
You’re the best mom I could possibly ask for. You know when to be a parent and when to be a friend. You’re my shopping partner in crime (and the reason for my shopping addiction), my go-to when I have any sort of news (good or bad), and the strongest woman I know. 

Growing up, you always put me first and made any sacrifice you needed to make me happy. You supported me through college, financially and emotionally, and were always my biggest fan. You stood by my side while Z was deployed and held my hand through Bubba’s birth. You make me smile, laugh, and want to be a better person.

Thanks mom, I love you more than you know!
Now onto the interview:
1. How did you feel the moment you found out you were pregnant with me?

“Excited. Overwhelmed. We had just gotten married and we were like oh, baby is on it’s way!”

2. Was I a wonderful surprise or carefully planned?
“Wonderful surprise”

3. What was the most challenging time in my childhood? Why?
“Coping with all the growing pains of teenagers. Sometimes you would get your feelings hurt and it would hurt me to see you hurting. I can remember a specific time when you didn’t make cheerleading and came out with a letter of rejection and tears in your eyes.” 

4. Did you worry more about me as a child or now that I am an adult?

5. What is one thing that you thought was deeply important when I was a baby that you now realize did not matter at all?
“Keeping you on a set schedule; naps, bedtimes, etc. It’s okay to go with the flow and do what your parents were doing.”

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