2022; new year, same me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I feel like I haven’t sat down to write in this space in quite sometime and this year, I’m getting back to that. I started this blog to express myself and transfer the thoughts in my head to this blank space. I started blogging because my husband was deploying to Afghanistan and I didn’t know how to navigate all of the emotions that came with that. Especially being newly married and newly pregnant.

It’s been almost 11 years since I wrote my first post. And I’ll admit,  I’ve sort of lost my way at times. I felt pressured to conform to the popularity of Instagram; brands and other influencers making it seem that it was the end all be all and that it was the only way to have any “influence” in the community.

But that’s not true. And that’s not why I started this community in the first place.

Blogging and creating content was completely different when I started in 2011. And while I’m beyond thankful for this space and all of the opportunities it’s brought me over the years, last year felt like a transition period.

I didn’t feel like I was good enough.

I didn’t feel inspired.

I felt like brands weren’t valuing me.

I felt lost.

But when I sit down and really think of what I love most about the community I’ve created on Instagram, it’s the ability to create content and share it with other women across the world. There are probably millions of bloggers and “influencers” out there at this point and it makes it harder to stand out and set yourself apart from everyone else. But there’s only one YOU. There’s only one me. And while I’ve definitely showed more of who I am over the past couple of years, this year, I’m focusing on sharing the things that make me happy. And the things that I think more women need to see and can benefit from.

Maybe I’ll start writing weekend recaps again. Maybe I’ll share daily outfits on here. Or weekly round-ups. Maybe I’ll share my recent purchases from Amazon. Or updates on my POTS or mental health journey. Maybe you’ll see more travel posts or advice on starting a blog. Who knows! I’m going to get back to more of what makes me happy. Of course I’ll be checking in and asking for suggestions and making sure I’m also creating content other women want to see and can relate to. But I started this blog because I loved writing and needed an outlet. And I want to get back to more of that, and less of conforming to what the industry has become.

So stay tuned! 2022; new year, same me. More of me and what brings me joy. And in turn, I hope that brings you inspiration and happiness as well. Xoxo!




  • Alina Seleznyov

    Keep doing you, this mama is inspired ✨🤍

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