First trimester must haves

Need some advice on first trimester must haves? I’ve got you covered. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first kid or your tenth kid, every pregnancy is different. And while I knew this beforehand, I guess I wasn’t prepared for this pregnancy to be THIS terrible. Thankfully it’s gotten better the past few weeks but from about week 5 to week 8, I thought I was dying. It legit felt like I had the flu plus a hangover. Woof.

Things were a lot different when I was on the first kid. I was able to sleep and rest whenever I wanted to. Oh what I wouldn’t do for a nap these days! With my second pregnancy I had to take care of another human life so I was kind of at his beck and call. Luckily he was little and we could do a lot of puzzles, books, and movies. Things that I was able to do while sitting or laying down.

This one, not in the least bit. I have to drive kids to and from school, gymnastics, and basketball practice. Trust me, I know how lucky I am that I don’t have to fight this while sitting at a desk or doing a “traditional” job. And I’m thankful for that. I really am. Just saying, it has been anything but cake and rainbows the past couple of weeks.

Because I don’t want anyone to ever feel as miserable as I felt, I’m sharing some of my first trimester must haves. Some to help with morning sickness, some to help dress your changing body, and some just because you deserve a damn break.


Leggings: I’ve been pretty much living in leggings because I was so bloated those first few weeks (thought it was a bump but no, just bloat) and it’s FREEZING here. So jeans haven’t exactly been my go-to in the morning. A friend of mine shared these super soft leggings that feel like LuLaRoe leggings for half the price and in SOLID colors. I ordered black and charcoal and I’ve been loving them.

Bras: If we’re being honest, my boobs are huge this go around. I am already so freaking uncomfortable. I ordered these in hopes that I would get some relief and I can say I don’t hate them. Underwire had to go but I still wanted some support and these definitely give me that. I hate when you get to the state where your belly and boobs just mesh into one and I feel like I’m already there because they’re so big. Lord help me.

Basic tees: I haven’t started to show too much yet but I know it’s coming in the next few weeks. I like comfy t-shirts that are breathable and somewhat fitted. I already feel like a slob so I don’t need to look like one too. Since it’s cold right now, I usually wear them with a sweater or cardigan. I’m sure sundresses will be my saving grace once it’s finally warm enough here. Which I also can’t wait for… this weather is for the birds.

Maternity jeans: I’ve been fighting these for weeks but mostly just because I’ve been cold and haven’t wanted to put anything else on my body. But I’m sick of leggings so I finally ventured out to find some maternity jeans. I am SO in love with these, mostly because I hate that stupid band that covers the belly on most maternity jeans. I love that this is just a side insert and they’re super comfortable.

Morning sickness relief: 

My husband ordered me a Bump Box for my first trimester and some of the things in there were a LIFESAVER.

Preggie Pops– I had a stash of these in my purse or jacket at all times. They’re made with all natural ingredients and contain essential oils to help ease the nausea and morning sickness. I had the Sour Raspberry, Sour Lemon, and Green Apple flavors and they made me feel better almost instantly.

Nomo Nausea Band: This might have been my favorite. It’s a band you wear on your wrist that provides instant relief. I would seriously just sit there and inhale deep breaths of the peppermint scent. It also has a little ball on the band that is supposed to hit a pressure point as well. I will say I could have used the small band because I don’t think it was hitting on my wrist where it was supposed to. I have tiny wrists and the large was too big.

Peppermint Essential Oil: I personally use the Young Living or Piping Rock brands. I usually put them on my temples (pregnancy headaches are the worst) or just inhale it to combat nausea.

Unisom + Vitamin B6: I was told to take 1/2 a Unisom and a Vitamin B6 to combat nausea. Full disclosure, I tried this once and was SO sleepy. I mean, Unisom IS a sleep aid so that would make sense. But my doctor and a ton of my followers swore by this combo. I do however use Unisom nightly because my insomnia has been out of control.

Relaxation time: 

Face masks: If I can’t get to the spa every week (maybe in my next life), I might as well spoil myself a little at home. My acne has been out of control so I have been trying to do a good face mask at least once a week.

Some of my recent faves have been:

Tula Exfoliating Treatment

Derma E 2-in-1 Charcoal Purifying Mask 

Aveda Overnight Wedding Masque


I only have a few days until my second trimester but I’ve felt SO much better the past few weeks. So if you’re sick, this too shall pass! If you have any other suggestions you lived with during your first trimester, please share below! XO







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