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End of summer DAY OF FUN!

Well guys, we did it. We all survived the summer together! It was definitely a huge test of my patience and reiterated the fact that I could never homeschool my kids. Mad power to those who do it because I think it’s wonderful. But I’ve realized that for whatever reason, my kids don’t listen well to me. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s them. Maybe it’s the lack of routine. I don’t know. But I’m hoping that when they go to school, it gets better.

But anyways, enough about that. Let’s get to the fun part! Since Friday was the last weekday of the summer, I planned a super fun day for my littles. Although they’re sometimes crazy in public, we braved it and made a day out of it. Our first stop, their favorite lunch spot.



We ran into my favorite boutique to grab a few small gifts for the kids’ teachers and then followed our lunch with frozen yogurt. They love choosing their flavor and toppings and with as hot of a day as it was, it was the perfect after-lunch treat. But our day didn’t end there!






Our friend had asked us to go see a Sesame Street show at the planetarium and since we were already downtown, we killed some time at the exhibits and the kids had a blast. They were able to drive the Rovers, take a ride in the space simulator (which made me nauseous.. woof), and explore some of the spaceships. We had the whole place to ourselves too which was even better! But as I figured, the “Elmo” show in the planetarium was their favorite. And my favorite too.



Z had been out of town for the week so they were super excited to have him home around dinnertime for our standard pizza Friday. And the kids wanted to watch Hocus Pocus so it was the perfect ending to our end of summer day of fun!

So just like that, summer is over. And although I’ve been vocalizing how much I can’t wait for them to go back to school, now that it’s here it kind of makes me sad. It’s the mom struggle I tell ya. Everything is bittersweet when you’re a parent. My friend shared this graphic with me and it seriously describes my life to a tee.


They drive me bat shit crazy on a daily basis but they’re my life. I live for my kids. I think they know that but I think sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me. I get frustrated from yelling all day or the blatant disrespect that I say things I don’t mean or I yell instead of trying another approach. So I really want to work on keeping my calm, yelling less, and soaking up these moments with my babies.

So I think it’s going to be a good school year for everyone. Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner and count down the minutes until I can go scoop my babies.




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