Best gifts for best friends + a giveaway.

Call me crazy but I’ve already started brainstorming Christmas gift ideas; to be honest, I’ve had Christmas on the mind since September. Not only do I love shopping, but I love spoiling the ones I love with the best gifts I can possibly think of!

 Do you have a special person in your life who you aren’t sure how you ever lived without them? Yes, of course my husband fits this role but I also have a friend, someone who has turned into family, that I’m not sure I could live without either. 
They say God puts certain people into your life at certain times, for certain reasons. and this could not be more true for my experiences to date. When I first moved to New York, I was blessed with this beautiful little lady as my neighbor. We did everything together; BBQs, dinner dates, pregnancy, shopping, and playing with our pups.
 Over time, our friendship developed on a deeper level. We supported each other through terrible losses, dangerous deployments, and moves across country. She’s one of the only people besides my husband that I talk to every single day and truly understands how I’m feeling at all times. 
After a long 10 month deployment, she recently had her husband return home to her! But while he was gone, she was raising their daughter, taking care of two pups, attending photography school, running a photography business, and working on an Etsy craft line. This woman has blown me away with her determination, selflessness, and willingness to help others. 
Because of all of this, and on top of being one of my best friends, I wanted to give her this adorable little perfume set to spoil herself. I’m almost positive she hasn’t purchased anything like this for herself in a long time and she certainly deserves it! I adore this light florally scent and I knew it was the perfect one for her too 🙂 

I know everyone has a tight budget around the holidays, which makes these sets from Walmart the best gifts for anyone on your list. Not only will they brighten someone else’s day, but your bank account will agree with your choice too! And you can never have too many perfume or cologne choices…

Now YOU have a chance to win a gift set for yourself or a special person in your life. Does someone inspire you? Does someone help you out regularly? Do you know someone going through a rough time? Why not put a smile on their face with a surprise gift featuring these gift sets, as seen on http://scentsavings.net? #scentsavings
 Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below and cross your fingers. Winner will be contacted in one week… good luck!

Each gift set also comes with a free ringtone download which you can read more about on http://ringintheholiday.com


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