5 on Friday? Sure.

I’ve never done one of these posts but considering my child wouldn’t sleep last night and I’m a total mombie right now, this is happening.
It’s been one hell of a week and it’s only about to get worse. Thanks to OPSEC, I can’t say exactly why but there’s your hint. It’s Army related. THANKS A LOT UNCLE SAM!!!
So anyways, here’s what’s been going on this week:
one. sponsored posts have been quite frequent around here and I’m sorry for that. They all came in around the same time and I guess I didn’t realize how many there were. I never want this blog to be “one of those blogs” and I’m truly sorry. I try to schedule them in the afternoons and my real blog content in the mornings so if you don’t want to read it, please skip over. Mama’s gotta bring in some bacon, right?
two. I’ve been super overwhelmed. With this “thing I can’t talk about because the Army has a ton of stupid rules”, I’m going to have my plate full. You better believe I’ll be making a list like I’m freaking Santa Claus this weekend (probably multiple lists) and getting my shit together ASAP.
Morning playtime.. guard the princess!
three. I call my son a Sour Patch kid for a reason; first he’s sour, then he’s sweet. His terrible twos have seriously been out of control recently and it makes me super sad because all I want is my sweet little boy back. I know he’s been through a lot of changes recently and I try to remember he’s only two. A very, VERY smart two year old, but still a two year old none the less.
four. I’m starting to interview babysitters this week and I’m a little nervous. This whole diva not wanting to take a bottle thing makes my life a little more difficult and I don’t have the slightest clue how this is going to work out. People keep telling me she will take a bottle if she’s hungry enough so I guess we will see. I’m only planning to work 15 hours a week and will only need a babysitter for maybe 5-6 of them so it shouldn’t be terrible. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a date night sitter in my back pocket. (Date night, what’s that?) Oh and ps: did you know that military members get a free membership to SitterCity? #awesome.
Think my parents will give me their house?
five. Ohio is on the mind. We are heading home at the end of June and I cannot wait. Seriously, I never thought I would be excited to go back to Ohio (let alone want to live there in a few years) but I can’t wait to be surrounded by family and friends. Next month can’t come soon enough!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m hoping to find some calmness somewhere but for some reason I don’t see that happening… wish me luck! xo


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