Why men should watch The Bachelor.

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I’m going to go ahead and throw my husband under the bus for a minute here; he watches The Bachelor with me. Why? Well maybe it’s because I take over the TV and am completely glued to it for two hours straight. But then I started to think about it, and maybe he’s actually on to something. There are definitely a ton of reasons why men should watch The Bachelor!

Date ideas: Sure their date ideas are totally over-the-top but they’re great ideas. Perfect for a date night (or day) bucket list. Stick these in your pocket for anniversaries or birthdays because Lord knows we all don’t have hundreds of thousands to dollars to do all of the adventurous things they do. And if you do then let’s be friends.

Pretty girls: I mean the girls are gorgeous. Let’s just say it’s not a strain on the eyes to see them sitting around the pool all day or dressed to the nines for the rose ceremonies.

Their craziness: Some of these girls are crazy, and some are downright insane. But this actually plays to our advantage. We can say “See?! Aren’t you glad I don’t act like that?” Unless of course you do act like that and in that case, you can say “See?! I’m not the only one who acts like that!” #Winning.

It can be turned into a drinking game: I think this is my husband’s favorite reason. We usually drink anytime someone cries, says they’re there for the “right reasons”, they bleep something out, etc. Maybe I’ll break it down and post about it next week. Depending on the episode, it can definitely leave you feeling good by the end.

Comic relief: I mean, who doesn’t love a good laugh? Sometimes there are even special guests like Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. And even when there aren’t special guests, the girls and their drama provide enough comic relief on their own. (As in you can laugh at the silliness of their drama or stupidity, not that they’re actually funny…) A couple of weeks ago, a girl said she didn’t get along with the other girls because “she likes thinking”. As in the other girls were stupid and don’t like to think. I’m telling you, quality entertainment.

Competition. We’re pretty competitive around here when it comes to pretty much anything. So we like to place bets on who’s going home this week, who the final three will be, etc. You can wager things like doing the dishes, folding the laundry, whatever. It can get fun.

Bonding. If for no other reason, it’s fun to watch together. This really goes for any show but my husband and I look forward to sitting down and watching this together every Monday. It’s part of our routine and it’s something we can do together.

And there you have it. Share this with your boo and let me know if they’re convinced and plan to start watching it. As for me, you know where you can find me and my husband on Monday nights. And when the season ends, you can find us crying in the corner.

Just kidding… because The Bachelorette starts shortly after 🙂





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