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If you’re new around here or just in case you forgot, that’s me up there. I’m Samantha, a twenty something wife, mother, and blogger.

But how well do you really know me? Let’s play a little game.

When Z and I first met, we played 20 questions via texting while I was working one day and it was a lot of fun. So today, I bring you 20 facts about me because clearly you can’t ask me questions 😉

1. I love to sing, but I won’t ever use my “real” voice or do it in front of anyone. It typically happens in the shower, in the car, or when no one but me and the kiddos are home.

2. I met ‘Nsync in fifth grade. In fact, J.C. called me cutie and I almost died. Well, actually, I knew he was lying because I had coke bottle glasses and braces but hey, we will let that one slide.

3. Z and I went to the same college but didn’t meet until after he graduated. Weird thing? We can place ourselves at the same parties or bars, knew the same people, and definitely crossed paths at some point. But as we always say, it’s a good thing we didn’t meet until after we graduated. #hotmesses

4. I have a shopping problem. Like, I probably buy something daily. But for sure a few times a week… somebody stop me.

5. I have slight OCD; I only like the volume or TV channel to be on a number that ends in 2, 5, 8, or 0. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea.

6. I have six tattoos and already plotting my next one.

7. I bite my nails… to the point of bleeding sometimes. I wish I could stop…it’s awful.

8. My best friends are my cousins.

9. I am really passionate about photography and hope to start my own little side business soon.

10. I was in a sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha), even though I thought I never would be.

11. I’m a dancer; I took tap and jazz until high school and then joined my high school dance team. I hope to find some classes around here soon. (Although I am ridiculously out of dance shape).

12. Z and I met and got married within 7 months; and then I got pregnant and he deployed 2 months later. Crazy, right?

13. I’ve never been to Europe and NEED to go.

14. I change hair color with the seasons… aka I need a good conditioning treatment if you know of any.

15. I love carbs; give me french fries, rice, potatoes, etc and I am a happy girl. I’ll take these over sweets any day.

16. I hate the military lifestyle. I cannot wait to move back to Ohio in a few years and start fresh again.

17. I don’t like red sauce; I don’t like it on spaghetti, I’ll tolerate it on pizza, and the worst part, I’m Italian. I know, it’s totally bizarre.

18. I’m very sensitive; I take things to heart and my feelings get hurt easily.

19. I’m happiest when I’m writing. I would love to work for a magazine or finish one of the 3 books I’ve started. Maybe one day…

20. I was a camp counselor for 4 summers and it was my all-time favorite job ever.

And speaking of being a camp counselor, one of my favorite campers I ever had was a little boy who was autistic. The shirt I am wearing above is from Sevenly, who is partnering with Autism Speaks this week and donating $7 from each purchase. If an autistic child wanders away, it is difficult for them to communicate who they are and where they came from. Autism Speaks offers locating devices and other tools to low income families who have autistic children in need. Please take a second to check out the Sevenly website for more information, and considering purchasing a shirt to help out the cause!

Happy Hump Day!


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