Second Trimester must-haves

Well friends, there are less than 2 weeks left in my second trimester! It feels like it’s been flying by but it also feels like I’ve been pregnant for 10 years. And I still have another trimester to go. BUT, my point is, the end is in sight.

This is the third time I’ve done this baby thing and while every pregnancy is different, there are a few things that I’ve found constant across all of them. So today I wanted to share some of my second trimester must haves with you!

Pregnancy pillow– I don’t remember using a pregnancy pillow like this with my other pregnancies but my back has been REALLY bad this time. So this has been a lifesaver when it comes to getting sleep. Well as best as I can given the circumstances 😉 I tried a regular body pillow and that worked in the beginning, but I liked that I was able to put this between my knees and then use the top as a pillow.

Maternity underwear and bras- As I’ve gotten increasingly more uncomfortable, I’ve been searching for the perfect bras and underwear to accommodate my growing assets. I found these packs of underwear and I’ve been living in these, along with these thongs. They used to be one size which I loved because I could wear them all throughout pregnancy and then after, but now they come with a size attached.

Water bottle– there’s nothing worse than being pregnant and dehydrated when they need to take blood from you. It can always cause contractions if you’re not hydrated, so drink up mama! And how cute is this FRIENDS water bottle?! Need.

Stretch mark lotion/oil: I’ve been using this brand of elasticity belly oil because it’s what I received in a Bumpbox and figured I might as well try it! I used this brand during my first pregnancy and I think it worked well too.

Baby book: Might as well start in the baby book sooner rather than later! Or you’ll be like me and fall off the wagon and then be trying to back track the memories of their lives!

Unisom– I’ve been taking Unisom since the first trimester and I’m not stopping now. I get more uncomfortable and unable to sleep the bigger I get. And pregnancy insomnia is real.

Prenatal Vitamins- You should have been taking these prior to getting pregnant or at the very least, once you found out you were pregnant. But these are clearly necessary for second trimester so I had to include them in the must-haves! These are the prenatal vitamins I take and they don’t make me nauseous or anything.

Maternity belt- Like I said, I’ve been having horrible back pain. And back pain is something that a lot of women struggle with during pregnancy. I tried this maternity belt but every time I put it on, the baby started going crazy and getting angry haha so I ended up not wearing it. It all depends on where the baby is positioned so for me, a thinner one might have been a better choice.

Exercise ball– After attending a class with a spine specialist, he recommended getting an exercise ball to stretch out the lower back muscles. This will also be helpful in the third trimester when you want baby to come! I bounced up and down on mine religiously when I wanted the little one to start moving towards the exit!


Second trimester must haves for the expecting mama!



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