Baby #2…

…is not happening anytime soon. Or today at least. We go back and forth every other day on when we want to have our next baby.

Do we want to have our kids close and be done with diapers, bus stops, and Santa all at once? Or do we want to spread them out so we have little helpers when the going gets tough.

I’ve been a babysitter, camp counselor, after-school caregiver, playroom supervisor, you name it. I’ve babysat kids ages 0-12 and I thought I had a handle on things.

Recently, not so much.

The kids that I’ve watched for my friends have been SUCH angels; which thankfully, I haven’t had to experience any demons in my presence. But just the fact that there’s more than one mouth to feed, diaper to change, or shoe to tie changes everything. 

How will I ever balance more than one kid? And an even better question for my mommy friends out there, how do you love each child equally?

You all know I’m obsessed with my Bubba; I literally devote every single second of my daily life to him. What happens when Number 2 comes along? How will I split my attention, love, hugs, and kisses and have two centers of my world?

Did you have your babies close together or a few years between? Do you like it that way? Would you recommend we have them close?

Bubba will be one in January (tear) and originally, the plan was to have them two years apart…which means getting preggo sometime early next year.

But am I ready for that? I just lost 50 pounds, had my husband return home, and am chasing around a new walker. Am I ready to be pregnant again? Am I ready to be a family of four?

I’d love to hear your personal opinions and experiences…help a girl out!




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