Organizing makeup and beauty products.


Want to know a secret? I’m a product junkie. I could spend hours in the cosmetic section of any store just looking at all of the latest and greatest. I mean, a girl can never have too many beauty products, right? Well my husband may disagree with you, because my stash takes over half of our counter and I still have bins and bins under the sinks. Yes I have a problem and no I don’t want to talk about it….

But I do want to talk about getting it under control. Because half the time I don’t even know what I have because it’s all just a cluttered mess everywhere. So last week I decided I need to get serious about organizing my makeup and beauty products.


I bought this stand on clearance for Miss P’s first birthday, and decided it was too pretty to store away in a closet somewhere. So I turned it into a stand for all of my products. It’s in no way organized but that’s a job for another day. My main concern was my makeup.





These containers were taking up too much space and weren’t organized at all. So I was super excited when I received this Audrey Nail Station from U.S. Acrylic. It seriously holds SO much! It was shipped in four different pieces and they just lock right into place. I had no idea it would hold as much as it did but I was able to move two of the smaller ones out of the way and put everything, plus my favorite nail polish in the new one.




I put my nail polish, remover, and nail files on the left, and then my face products on the right (creams, lotions, foundations, etc). I left the items I use most frequently out too despite them having a “place” in the other drawers. In the left drawer I put all of my blushes, which until I started cleaning and organizing, had no idea I had so many! I thought I only had two! In the right drawer I put extra powders, concealers, bronzers, primer etc. I’ll probably downsize this drawer soon but for now, I’m holding on to them in case I get tanner…or continue to get paler…



The bottom drawer is for all of my eyeshadows. Which again, I had no idea I had this many nor did I know I even had two of the same palette. Was definitely time to organize huh? But before you admit me to Products Anonymous,  I was a member of Julep Maven and Ipsy for a long time so a lot of my stuff came from there. I ended up canceling my Ipsy subscription because I never used the samples but I’m considering getting it again because I miss the fun little package every month. But that’s a topic for another time…





My other organizer has a “random” drawer for tweezers, eye pencil sharpeners, etc. The middle drawer holds mascaras and the top drawer is for eyeliner. Lipliners, lipstick, lipgloss, etc is all on top! And last but not least, since I condensed from the other acrylic containers, I needed something to hold my brushes. This wine glass lost it’s mate in a horrific accident and needed a fresh start. So I welcomed it to the beautiful sea of beauty products.


You may be wondering why these drawers aren’t organized, and the truth is I know it won’t stay that way. It’s going to take enough effort as it is to keep this all organized! When you’ve got less than 5 minutes before you need to leave, things get left behind. Just being honest, people. But I’m going to try, really I am.  I’ll be tackling the “cake stand” another day but for now, at least I can say I’ve taken a step in the right direction.

organzing makeup and beauty products


How do you organize your makeup? Do you have any tips for tackling the rest of my stuff?!




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