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I received the following items for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.
One of the coolest things about being a blogger is getting to try new products. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying a few different products and services and of course, I wanted to share what I thought with all of you!
Rodan + Fields: I’ve heard of this brand before and have been dying to try it. After having Paislee, my skin has been less than fabulous. I’ve heard their skincare is amazing, but unfortunately it hasn’t been in my budget to take the plunge to buy the whole line. However, once I am able to, I absolutely want to try some of their products. Laura sent me a few to try and I definitely loved how they made my skin feel. Of course a new skincare routine takes time before you will see results but after the stories I’ve heard, I think it’s definitely something I would want to try.
The Micro-Dermbrasion Paste made my skin feel super soft and left me with a clean feel. There is definitely a salty taste to both this and the Lip Micro-Dermbrasion paste but nothing that’s unbearable. I also loved how soft the Lip Protectant Shield made my lips feel and especially after this winter, that paired with the Micro-Dermabrasion was pretty awesome.
If you’re interested in trying Rodan+Fields, contact Laura and she will be happy to tell you more!
The First Years: Nolan can use a “big person” cup but when he’s bored, he likes to stick his hands in it and dump it out. Instant mess. So with that being said, I still like to give him a sippy cup majority of the time. I was sent this First Years sippy cup that still makes him feel like a big kid but is supposed to keep him (and my floors) dry. You can also switch these lids with any of the other First Years cups so it helps when you’re looking to make transitions.
However, I personally had problems with it spilling out. The water seemed to come out of the top both from the straw and from the hole on the side. Perhaps it was just my cups, who knows! But based on the times we’ve used them, they didn’t seem to do what they said they would.


Le Tote: If you haven’t heard of this service yet, it’s pretty much Netflix for clothing and accessories. You subscribe to one of two different monthly packages and are sent either 3 garments and two accessories or three accessories. You may one monthly fee and you can keep the clothes for as long or as little as you would like. Shipping is included both ways and is always two days!
I personally didn’t benefit too much from this service since I am a stay-at-home-mom and wear casual and comfortable items. However someone in the corporate world or someone that goes out every weekend could really benefit from this service. Instead of investing thousands of dollars on clothes, you could extend your wardrobe and never repeat outfits!
Peppercorn Kids: And last but not least, we received these adorable neckties from Peppercorn Kids! Peppercorn Kids has the cutest and most unique accessories for little boys and girls. Whether you’re looking to dress them up or down, they have something for every type of occasion. I loved these ties and would definitely ship some of these to my little nephews as gifts. I also love the purses and jewelry they have for the girls as well, and can’t wait until P is old enough to wear them!



Have you ever used any of these products or services? What do you think about them?


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