I’ve got the blues.

This post is both figurative and literal. Let’s start with the literal…
I wasn’t sure how I would like a monochromatic look when it wasn’t black or white but surprisngly, I was really digging it.
Noonday Collection necklace c/o
I received this necklace from Noonday Collection and if you haven’t heard about them yet, I highly recommend checking them out. They partner with artisans and help create jobs to work their way out of poverty. This necklace was handmade in Uganda and besides being absolutely breathtaking, knowing it profits others in ways you and I may never be able to imagine just makes it that much better.
And now onto the figurative… the blues…
I’m struggling a little with the fact that besides each other, Zach and I don’t know many people here. I know we’ve only been here a few months and that it takes time to make friends and find people who we relate to. But when I think about the people we left behind in New York, it makes me really sad.
We had our own little family in New York; I met women who helped me through deployment. I met women who cleaned my house and welcomed me back with signs and banners. I met women who loved to dance and be crazy with me. I met women who dressed up for theme parties and came to our house for Beer Olympics and who had children that I treated like my own. I just really miss them. 
I’m not ruling out the idea of finding other girlfriends and families to fill this void in my heart but I’m having a hard time being away from the ones I left in New York. Although none of them are still there, it breaks my heart that we won’t ever live together and have that sense of community I felt while there.
I’ve gone through this before; when I left my hometown for college, and then again when I graduated college, I left behind some of the best times and best friends I have ever had. And unfortunately, the military life is no different. When thinking back on it, it took me awhile to make friends in New York and I’m hoping to do the same here in Georgia. But knowing what we left behind makes my expectations super high. I’ll never be able to replace the family and friends we made in New York but I hope I can find new friends who can become part of this new chapter in our lives.
How do you make new friends when you move?
How do you find people who you can relate to?
How do you start over?


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