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What being a military family means to me.

Prior to meeting my husband, I really didn’t know many people in the military. Scratch that, I knew ONE person. I knew he had deployed and that’s really about all I knew. I mean, it’s sad, but unless you grew up in the military lifestyle or know someone who did, it’s hard to understand why it is considered a lifestyle.

That’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? Because one person (or sometimes two) people chose a career in the military, the entire family must adjust and live under the title of a military family. As I’ve talked about before, I really didn’t know what marrying a soldier meant. And even after researching and reading forum after forum, nothing could have prepared me for this life changing experience.
But as we approach Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride for my husband and the sacrifices he makes on a daily basis. And not only that, but I have met some of the most amazing men and women who I call friends that have answered the same call to duty. Most have enlisted in a time of war, knowing they would be deployed and staring battle so closely in the face. They did so knowingly and accepted they may not come home to their loved ones. And as scary as that is, it’s the reality we face as military families.
Remember the story of how I almost lost both of my boys? Scariest weekend of my life. And from that moment on, I was scared shitless. Would I get that knock on my door? Would this be the last time I “saw” my husband on Skype? Would my son grow up to meet his father? As much as I tried to stay positive and think happy thoughts, it was hard. I couldn’t lie to myself; these were my biggest fears while my husband defended our country 3,000 miles away.

Aside from deployments, military families are uprooted and moved to wherever the army needs them. Although it’s been difficult, we’ve also been given an opportunity to experience parts of the country we may never have otherwise. We’ve meet people from all walks of life, adapted to our surroundings, and started over. And over. And over.
Service members don’t expect special treatment and if majority are anything like my husband, they don’t even understand why people thank them to begin with. To a soldier, they’re just doing their job and something they felt was their call to do.
I encourage you to You Tube welcome home ceremonies, military homecomings, or anything of the sorts. I’ve lived those moments; I know what it feels like to welcome my soldier home after months of not seeing him and to know that he’s safely back in my arms. And although I will never find the words to express what it feels like to be living that moment, I know it all too well in my heart. And so does every other military family.


Happy Military Appreciation Month and thank you all for everything you do!




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