Happy birthday, my love.

That picture above was taken the day we met. But by the looks of it, you might think we had known each other forever. And although that was far from the case, it has felt that day since day one.


This man is truly my best friend. He’s the first person I call when something good (or bad) happens, he’s just as silly (if not sillier) than me, and he makes me laugh. He’s kind, good-hearted, intelligent, brave, and selfless.
Not only is he an amazing person, but he’s an incredible husband and father. Our kids absolutely adore him and he’s always playing with them and going out of his way to make them happy. Because he has missed out on so much of their lives, he puts in an extra effort to make up for it when he can.



We make up games, we have tickle fights until we’re blue in the face, and we play. We laugh and we play like we’re kids ourselves, which I believe is one of the most important traits in a successful marriage.
Amy Hess Photography
Our marriage isn’t perfect and either are the two of us. But we’re perfect for each other. We can admit when we’re wrong, we would do anything to make each other happy and we have always stayed true to ourselves. He’s the only person where I’ve felt like I can completely be myself and still be liked. He loves all of me, just the way I am, which I had been convinced was impossible to do. He loves to love and shows me this every single day. And for that, rather for him period, I am forever grateful.
Amy Hess Photography
So today, we celebrate my amazing husband as he turns 27. And most importantly, we celebrate together without a computer or phone screen between us. We are so blessed to have him home with us and I can’t wait to celebrate all day with him.
Happy birthday babe… I love you <3





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