Things I don’t do.



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My neighbor was washing her car the other day and I realized that I can’t remember the last time I washed my car. Call me lazy but there are car washes for a reason, right?
So it got be thinking; what other things don’t I do? And you may think I’m pathetic for some of the things on the list but hey, that’s me. #hatersgonhate
I don’t wash my car.
I don’t put worms on hooks while fishing. But I have no problem taking the fish off…
I don’t bake pies. Or bake in general. Unless the only ingredient is adding milk or water, I got that down.
I don’t deal with liars. You lie, you gone.
I don’t eat plain grilled chicken. I just can’t.
And on that note, I don’t eat fish either. Sushi, yes. But only crab. Cooked.
I don’t like the military lifestyle.
I don’t sew.
I don’t leave the house on time most of the time. Blame my kids for that one though.
I don’t go to church. I have a mad case of ADD and usually zone out… But I DO pray every night.
I don’t skip my morning coffee. Bad news for everyone.
I don’t and won’t do crossfit. Not my cup of tea but kudos to those who do.
I don’t mow the grass or do any sort of yard work. No green thumb for this girl.
I don’t know why you haven’t check out Country Couture yet. So get to it! 😉
I don’t pass up sales. Like a Buy One Get one for $5 sale on Urban Peach Boutique. #money
I don’t pretend to be perfect.
So what are some things you don’t do friends? Please tell me I’m not the only one who is guilty of these things…


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