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20 reasons why blogging is weird.

Well friends, we made it to Friday. After an emotional goodbye to my parents, the Dance Moms and Teen Mom 2 reunions, and Z’s trip to the ER,  I absolutely need a cocktail… or ten.
But before I put the kids to bed and head for my own personal happy hour on the couch, Taylor and I wanted to bring you 20 reasons blogging is weird. Don’t take it too seriously though, we all know how much I love this little space 🙂
1. I talk about my blog friends as if I’ve met them in real life and I have known them forever.
2. I get offended when other people share posts on Facebook and have no idea who the blogger behind them is.
3. I get sent free stuff for no reason other than the fact that I wear it or use it and then talk about it.
4. I get paid to play on social media.
5. I plan on visiting bloggers I’ve met on the internet.. and hope I don’t get catfished and shoved in a dumpster.
6. I’ve learned I can pretty much buy everything except food on Instagram. Wait, just kidding, I can do that too.
7. I’m usually blogging, thinking about blogging, getting ready to blog, or brainstorming for a blog post 24/7.
8. I have no shame in taking selfies and posing for pictures in public. Bonus weird points if I get caught.
9. We have our own special language; link-ups, buttons, sponsoring, etc. Say that to a non-blogger and they will have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.
10. I identify myself as a blogger and most people have no idea what that means. And I’m totally okay with that.
11. People I’ve never met sometimes know more about me than I people I know in “real life.”
12.  I panic Monday morning if I didn’t take any photos over the weekend.
13. My dog sometimes gets more packages sent to him to review than I do.
14. I regularly get asked “are you going to blog about this?”
15. I’d get way too excited if I saw one of my favorite “big bloggers” in public.
16. Wednesday morning photo shoots are just a normal thing now. Except it’s still very uncomfortable for all involved…
17. I get a little bit jealous when I see a really good post I wish I would have written.
18. I sometimes complain about it like it’s something I have to do…
19. I like to pretend reading other blogs is my job.
20. Because we all know way too much about each other.
Have a great weekend! xo


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