26 thoughts of an exhausted mom

“No I don’t want to get out of bed.”
“It’s still dark out.”
“Is the Keurig even on? I didn’t set the auto time until 7:25 a.m.”
“Maybe she’ll go back to sleep.”
“Doesn’t she realize how precious sleep is?”
“Maybe she will sit on the couch and just watch TV.”
“I’m literally not doing anything until I finish this first cup of coffee.”
“I can’t wait to wake her up at this time when she’s a teenager.”
“Is she serious right now?”
“This is the most tired I’ve ever been.”
“Where did I put my coffee?”
“I have so much work to do but I just need to rest for a second.”
“Shoot I have to put my coffee in the microwave again.”
“Let me text my friends. I know they’re awake too.”
THIS ^^^
“No I do not want to play tag right now.”
“How does she have this much energy?”
“Did  I just doze off?”
“Will she ever sleep through the night?”
“My kid is the only one that doesn’t sleep.”
“How am I even functioning?”
“Did I brush my teeth today?”
“When was the last time I showered?”
“I seriously can’t keep my eyes open.”
“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”
“Maybe she’ll let me sleep in tomorrow…”




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