Ohio Recap: Part II

So what other adventures have we been on this vacation?

A couple of years ago, my cousins and I discovered what we think is the best tasting sushi, as well as the most reasonably priced sushi in the Cleveland area. It’s half off on Monday’s and Tuesday’s and is absolutely delicious.

Last Tuesday, Zach and I got together for dinner there with a bunch of my cousins. With everyone’s busy schedules, it was nice to be able to get everyone together one last time before heading back to New York. Never a dull moment and I got to hold my “nephew” Zachary. All in all a great time!

Wednesday was a big day for us as it was Fourth of July but also Nolan’s half birthday! We met my cousins at my Nana’s house and took Nolan to the local parade. It was way too hot for everyone so we opted for the better option: pool time! Nolan enjoyed his first experience in the pool and this pale mama finally got some much needed sun 🙂

That night, we headed to a BBQ at Zach’s family friends house, and Nolan didn’t even flinch when the fireworks went off practically on top of us. One rain drop was followed by an instant downpour, and our firework experience was short lived.

Thursday consisted of me cooking a delicious dinner for our families, my first motorcycle ride, and a fishing competition between Zach and myself… Which I of course won 🙂 We had a cookout at my friends house Friday, which also meant Nolan had a date with a cutie patootie as well. He already has so many girlfriends and I most certainly have my hands full for the future.

Saturday was our last day at the lake and this meant floating on a raft and soaking up the sun. We had a four year olds birthday party late afternoon, followed by a relaxing evening of fishing off the dock. We weren’t sure if Nolan and I were going to stay or go back, which brings us to today. I’m still in Ohio and will be heading back to New York at the end of the week!

I’ve enjoyed our vacation but am ready to get back home. Sometimes I’m confused on where home is, and it will always be at my parents house in Ohio. However, as I’ve learned the past few days, home is more where my husband is now, and despite disliking New York, I’m ready to get back for that reason.



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