Confession session.

I’ve seen these posts floating around Bloglandia for some time now and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve got a lot on my mind and it’s always a good time to spill it here. Makes me feel less crazy when people can relate to me… so welcome to my confession session friends. It’s kinda like one of those books you read in elementary school. If you want to stay and listen to some crazy, keep reading. And if not, click the “x” in the corner.
Oh great… you’re still here! Let’s get started:
-I’ve had a beer every night this week. And by beer I mean a Redds Strawberry Ale. So call it what you will but to me, it’s a nice little end cap to my crazy day.
-Last night, I ate Baskin Robbins out of the container while drinking a beer. All time low? Eh, I’ve probably done worse. But I love me some Birthday Cake deliciousness and the beer gave it an extra special somethin’ somethin’.
-I’ve spent a fortune on clothes recently. But before you judge me, they haven’t all been for me. These kids grow like weeds and I’ve gotten some amazing deals on Zulily, Carter’s, and Gap. I mean, how is a girl supposed to pass up a good deal when she sees one?
-I’ve been a hermit. Not completely, but I haven’t really felt like doing much with other adult humans. I’ve taken my kids to gym class, lunch, playgrounds, etc but when it comes to interacting with other adults, it’s been really hard for me. I’m kind of homesick and I’m clearly husband sick so it’s just been a lot of adjusting going on. When I hang out with other adults, it’s a clear cut reality that their husbands come home every night and mine doesn’t. And my heart just hurts. I’m a weirdo I guess…
-I’ve been rocking out to T Swift’s “Shake It Off”. Like I’m talking straight white girl getting down to it while driving in the car. Luckily, Nolan thinks I’m hysterical and I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me.
-I have dreadlocks somedays. Not on purpose, but solely due to the fact that I haven’t had time to wash my hair in a few days. Sue me.



-I’ve been drinking 2 cups of coffee and sometimes a Spark everyday. I don’t know how to function without it. Oh and Starbucks, I’ll be sure to just send you my next paycheck in full.
-And piggy banking off my previous confession, I’ve been eating like shit. I eat whatever I can, whenever I can, and sometimes I forgot to eat all together. My kids are fed so I guess that’s what really matters, right? Oh and Buffalo Wild Wings? I’ll send you my next paycheck too.


-In conjunction to the previous confession, let’s talk about my kids and what they’re eating. I’m not proud, but we’ve pretty much eaten out or had breakfast foods for dinner every night. He doesn’t want anything else and if he’ll eat that, so be it. I don’t have time to cook and I certainly don’t know how to cook for 1.5 people. Can we say wasteful? Most meals consist of a random assortment like this but hey, baby steps. Survival mode peeps…
-I left a grocery bag in the car yesterday when I carried the 900 grocery bags in. And the worst part? It was the bag with the frozen pancakes and waffles. See the above statement and you’ll understand why it was such a problem. #momfail.
-I had to leave the room the other day and just cry. Out of frustration. Over what you ask? Nolan was naked for the 800th time that day, flipping over his sister while simultaneously pushing her down and screaming and crying. Or something like that. Terrible twos are TERRIBLE. And I hate to be the bad guy so I’m trying to find a balance between authoritative and stern but it’s certainly a lot harder when daddy doesn’t split the discipling with me. Is it June yet?
-I cried while watching Teen Mom 2 last week. Babies being born always make me cry and damn it Jenelle, you got me. Kind of makes me want one more… kind of. That could be the beer or the deployment emotions talking so I’ll let you know how I feel about that when my husband gets home.
And I think that’s good for now. Real life talk is always fun right? I’m far from perfect but I’m just trying to come out of this thing alive. So far, so good 🙂
Spill some of your confessions below! 





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