How To Be Beautiful

We’ve all struggled with our body image at some point in our lives. Maybe we’ve thought we’re too thin, too fat, too tall, or too short. 
Maybe we’ve wanted to be blonde, or have curly hair, or whiter teeth. We’ve picked ourselves apart to the point of exhaustion, and made ourselves feel less beautiful than we really are. 
I was contacted by a singer/songwriter, Danika Holmes, and she shared her song “How To Be Beautiful” with me. I think it’s a wonderful song and holds such a beautiful message. 
I think often times, we get caught up in what is “beautiful”; what society or TV or movies say is beautiful. As cliche as it is, beauty lies on the inside too. The prettiest model wouldn’t be beautiful without a caring, compassionate and kind soul. 
I’m never going to be famous, or walk a runway, or star in a Hollywood film. But I do know how to be beautiful. 
I do not gossip. 
I spread kindness. 
I help those in need. 
I always tell the truth.
I smile and laugh as much as possible. 
I encourage everyone to listen to this song and if you enjoy it, you can download it for free here
We are all different; some of us are quirky or athletic or quiet. We’re serious or conservative or crazy. And that’s what makes us special, that’s what makes us beautiful. 
What makes you beautiful?

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