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I’ve always had a passion for writing. Embarrassingly enough, I read some of my old journals while I was visiting Ohio last week. I debated throwing them into the fire but I’ve always regretted deleting my old Xanga so I put them safely back into hiding storage and went on with my merry way. But that’s a story for another day.

I majored in Strategic Communication in college because that was my school’s closest degree to Public Relations. I’m not even sure how I knew what Public Relations was back then and even throughout college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree. Even after graduating, I spent time in various jobs “soul searching”. I know a lot of people who went through a similar quarter life crisis and some that still don’t know what they want to do. Or aren’t happy what they’re doing. People always say “if you aren’t happy, change it” and that’s what I decided to do…


This blog has been such a blessing. It’s been a creative outlet, a community when I needed it most, and a place to grow. To grow into a better writer, communicator, and really understand social media. I’ve created relationships with so many other bloggers, businesses and brands, simply over email and social media. I’m passionate about what I do and genuinely care about each and every one of my readers.

So after brainstorming and finally deciding to take a leap, Network Media Collective was born.

Network Media Collective is strategy. It’s expertise. It’s passion. I work with companies to manage their social media channels and engage their audience. I develop blogs, newsletters, and other freelance pieces for individuals and entire businesses. I mentor bloggers to help them take their blogs or businesses to the next level. Each client is different and I work with them on their specific needs and goals. Social media management and copywriting services have become second nature to me and I eat, sleep, and breathe it.


My heart is bursting with joy as I embark on this new adventure. My heart and soul is still in this blog and nothing around here is changing. I’m just doing something else I’ve always wanted to do. My passion lies in helping others, connecting on social media, developing strategies, and creating content. And now I want to help others do the same 🙂

If you want to check out Network Media Collective or know anyone who may be interested in my services, please send them my way! And if you’re a small business owner and have any advice, send that my way too 🙂





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