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Well if that title didn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will 🙂 One of the most annoying parts about being a woman is waxing or shaving our legs. Even more annoying? Being 9 months pregnant and trying to
reach your legs, let alone get perfectly smooth skin in the process.
I was recently introduced to the Hot Legs line at
Walgreens/Duane Reade and optimistic it would make my life a little easier when
it came to getting silky smooth and hairless skin. Since this was the only thing on my list, running into the local Walgreens was the most convenient choice! 
#shop #cool2lookhot
Because I’m addicted to shaving (and can still reach my
legs), I didn’t have enough hair to try the Hot Legs Cool Gel Wax like I was hoping to!
Luckily, my husband is quite the trooper and was able to test this product out
for me.
Since he’s a man and doesn’t typically wax his legs, I was
able to test it on a patch of my own leg to see if it hurt as badly as he
explained (and it totally doesn’t). To be honest, the most “painful” part
(which is really just more uncomfortable) is applying the wax. Since it’s not
warm, it seems to rip hairs out while applying it. However, the actual waxing
part was surprisingly a good experience; it was super smooth and quick, and eliminated
the hassle of warming it up.
I also purchased another product in their line, Hot Legs
Total Body Hair Remover. This product is a lot easier; apply it, let it sit for
4-5 minutes, and rinse! I’m not sure if it works better with a ton of hair but
I honestly didn’t see what I was expecting to see; I expected to see hair
rinsing off as I rinsed and silky smooth legs. Like I mentioned, I’m a fool for
shaving so it may have been that I just didn’t have enough hair. I’m definitely
going to save this for the day I can no longer reach my legs and need to just
apply this and call it a day! Hopefully it yields better results than it did
this time. 
#shop #cool2lookhot
If you’re looking to try new waxing or hair remover products, I highly suggest checking out this line. Shaving causes my hair to grow back so quickly and if this line can lessen the amount of hair that comes in and the frequency I need to use the product, I’m all for it. 
For more information on your local Duane Reade or Walgreens, be sure to check to them out on Facebook! Interested in more personal experience with these products? Search #Cool2LookHot on Instagram! 


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