MAC makeup haul.

I’ve never really used “good” makeup. I think I bought a purple Clinique eyeshadow and Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy when I was in high school because I thought I was cool. And while living in New York, I purchased some Elizabeth Arden foundation. But other than that, I’ve never really allowed myself to explore “expensive” brands.
Why? Well maybe it’s because I was afraid of spending a ton of money. Or maybe it was because I had “cheap” brands that I was using and liked just fine. Regardless of the reason, I had never ventured to a makeup corner in a department store to get my makeup done and see what works best for me and my skin.
So for Christmas, my mom and I decided we would go to the MAC counter together and do just that. I literally bought every single thing the girl used on me (with the exception of primer, setting spray, and a moisturizer I think), but I LOVED how I looked and felt. I felt so polished and I felt like she made my features stand out, features I didn’t even know I had!
When I posted about it on Instagram and Facebook, I had some of you ask what I purchased and how I liked all of it. I’m not a beauty blogger so bare with me while I talk beauty in the most non-technical way possible 🙂

Besides having my foundation matched, one of the biggest things I learned? Always do your eyes first. Apparently I’ve been doing my makeup ass backwards my whole life, because I always do eyes last. But this makes total sense! That way, you don’t have to fix the concealer/foundation/powder that has eyeshadow residue where it falls. So if you already knew that, congrats, you have more common sense than me. And if not, now you know!

Eyeshadow in Golden Hours: This baby is a 4-1 and used for a few different things. First of all, she used the gold color to highlight my eye in corner. Then she used the brown colors on my upper lid, over the other brown color (see below).

Eye Shadow in Cork Satin: I told her that I usually wear brown eyeshadow and I am so thankful she didn’t make me change “me” completely. She showed me another technique (which I will get to) but I loved this color and had to have it. It’s also the color she used over my eyeliner.

Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Black Ice: This is one of the biggest changes I made to my routine. I normally line under my eye and half of my lid with a pencil. She only used the pencil on my lower lid, and then took the solid brown pictured above lightly over it to help it stay. No one wants it smudging down their face midday and this helps!

Liquid Eye Liner in Boot Black: This is where I made what I think is one of the biggest changes. First of all, I learned that you never use liquid eyeliner under your eye. News to me. It’s only to be used on the top lid. She used this on the top and then a pencil under my eye, and I loved the combination. It totally made my eyes stand out!

In Extreme Dimension Lash in Black Extreme: I have Younique 3D Fiber Lash, which is okay, but it takes time and sometimes I don’t have that. I wanted a mascara that I could use in a rush and that still gave me a long last effect.

Select cover-up in NC20: I just use this under my eyes and any major blemishes I have. I happened to be breaking out like a teenage boy when I was there and this was an absolute must.

Studio Fix Fluid in NC15: I absolutely love this. It made me feel like I had airbrush makeup on, but it wasn’t super heavy or cakey. It’s hard to explain but I would highly recommend everyone to try it. I’ve never been an all over the face foundation type of person but recently, I’ve decided I need to be.

Skinfinish natural in medium plus: She basically used this on the outskirts of my face to give it some warmth. I’m normally a bronzer type of girl, but she said this helped my foundation stay on and gave me a sense of warmth without the harshness of a bronzer.

Sheertone Blush in Blushbaby: I’ve only purchased blush one time in my life and for some reason never really worn it. I love this color she chose for me because it’s so natural looking when I wear it. I’m not quite sure I’m even wearing it the right way, but I suck in my lips like a fish face and gently brush it on my cheekbones. But I love the way it looks and I wear it everyday now!


Frost Lipstick in Angel: We had decided on an “everyday look” and so when it came to lips, she chose a very light pink, almost nude color lipstick. I loveeeeee this lipstick but I’ll be honest, it doesn’t stay on all day. At least for me anyways. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing because I only need lipstick when I leave the house anyways. And if I were going out, I would probably choose a different shade!

Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait: Neutral glosses are all the rage and this one is no exception. It can be worn on it’s own and over the Angel lipstick I purchased as well. Hello kissable lips! It also doesn’t stay on super long though, just a heads up.

Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare: I don’t think I’ve ever owned a lipliner but I loved the way my lips looked when she did it. It also helps keep your lipstick from bleeding. I purchased this color because it can go with any colors in this pinkish nudish family, and those are what I wear most often during the day.

Brush 287: Apparently this is an eyeshadow brush but I use it for my concealer. It helps it go on smooth and without using too much of it.

Brush 130: I purchased this brush for my foundation. This helps to give that airbrush look and feel I was talking about 🙂



So that’s everything! It was quite a hefty purchase (Merry Christmas AND a happy early birthday to me), but I needed new makeup and am so happy with everything I got. Once you go MAC, you don’t go back… or so they say. I love it but I’m also not opposed to mixing brands and branching out. Makeup is super fun and something I’ve never really explored…. maybe it’s time 🙂

But I would love to know your favorite products, brands, colors, etc… please share! All links to the products are in the widget above…enjoy!





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