18 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of baby: Sweet Potato

Baby’s size and weight: 5.6 in 5 oz

My total weight gain: 13 pounds. I LOST two pounds this week; woo hoo! 
Baby’s development: 
-Baby has mastered yawning
-Baby is twisting, kicking, rolling, and punching!
-Nervous system is maturing rapidly
-Baby can hiccup
-Hearing is more acute

Stretch marks: None.

Maternity clothes: Absolutely. I can still get away with some non-maternity shirts but pants, forget it! 

Gender: Girl! We go in a week for our official ultrasound 🙂

Movement: All the time; especially at night when I’m lying on the couch or in bed.

Sleep: Insomnia; I’ve been taking Unisom almost every night to stay asleep. Getting to sleep is fine but it’s the staying asleep that’s the problem.

What I miss: Shopping and being able to buy normal clothes.

Food cravings: Fruit.

Symptoms: Extremely sensitive and sore breasts, hormonal…
Nolan is: hitting terrible twos early, I swear. Everything is a battle now. Better get it out of the way now, little one! He’s lucky he’s cute…

Zach is: clearing Fort Drum and preparing everything for our transition to Georgia! He’s also not looking forward to missing 15 weeks of my pregnancy considering he missed the entire thing last time. I always forget he’s going to miss things too, not just that we’re going to miss him. 
What I’m looking forward to: the movers come Tuesday… EEK.
Best moments: spending time together last night at the Syracuse football scrimmage. They came on post and played and despite not watching a second of the game, watching Bubba play with his friends melted my heart. 

Funny things: Z and I watched “My Strange Addiction” last night and were dying laughing at some of these people. Seriously, if you’ve never watched it, check it out on Netflix. It’s cray cray.

Not so funny things: Getting ready to move. Although I’ve complained about this place for the past two and a half years, it was our first home together. We watching Bubba take his first steps, made a family away from family, and became our own family of three and almost four. It’s definitely bittersweet for sure. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Before you go, be sure to read a little about one of my fab sponsors, Mandy! She’s also a new military wife so if you have any advice in that area, please send it her way! Take it away doll!

I’m Mandy and I blog at Through the Hanson Lens. I started out blogging to document the events in our first few years of marriage but it’s turned into so much more! I’ve talked about our puppy Gage, my interest in photography, college life, and most recently, our journey with the Army. I don’t promise to post every day but I can promise that I’ll always tell you our story!


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