DIY Shutter Memo Board

When my mother-in-law came to visit, we decided to try our hand at a new DIY project! My kitchen counter was getting too cluttered with mail, coupons, and other little notes, so we decided to make a memo board!
Shutter (we picked this up at a local antique store for $15)
Paint tape
Chalkboard Paint (spray can is easiest!)
Hot glue/glue gun
Picture hanging kit
I taped around the part that was to be the “memo” part of the board. 
Next, I carefully spray painted the middle section, let it dry, and then sprayed another coat. 
After the paint dried, I peeled the tape off. 
Next, we attached the brackets from the picture hanging kit onto the back of the shutter. 
Because these were still functioning and opening and closing, we applied hot glue to keep them from moving. Otherwise, the mail and other goodies would have fallen through!
Voila! We have a new memo board 🙂 

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