The one where I danced.

That’s a happy dance right there.
And why, you may ask?
That’s right, this girl right here used to be a dancer.
I took tap and jazz until high school and then joined my high school dance team. When I was in college, I choreographed for my sorority whenever we would have dance events in the Greek world and ugh, I just miss it so much.
And lately, I’ve been feeling a little down and that I’m not doing enough for myself…enter dance.
I’ve been doing some research and have finally located a dance studio with hip hop! I am BEYOND excited to try it out this Thursday, minus the fact that I probably won’t be able to move afterwards.
I’m out of shape in general since I haven’t worked out in a year (I know, embarrassing), but I’m even more so out of “dance shape” since I haven’t danced in umm… 5 years or more?
This is going to be super embarrassing and awkward for the first few weeks until I get my mojo back but I just had to share with you because I am OVER THE MOON excited to be getting back to something I feel so passionate about.
So even though I may feel like this:
I’ll probably look like this:
And I’m okay with that… for now. Because in a few weeks… I’ll be back to looking like this:
HAHA just kidding… I don’t ever want to look like that. But you get my point… I CAN’T WAIT!
Did any of you used to dance? Do you still do it? What advice do you have for someone getting back into it?


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