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Good things to keep in your car.

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I’m convinced my car is the place where things go to die. The other day, I found a piece of ham… vomit. I know what you’re thinking… maybe you shouldn’t let your kids eat in the car. And the logical answer would be yes, that’s a no-no. But my ears have to disagree with you when the piercing voice of a toddler is overpowering everything.

Socks? We’ve got ’em. Toys? Those too. And trash? Don’t get me started on trash. Now before you think I’m this disgusting human being, let me just remind you that I have a three and one year old. At least one of them needs carried in or out every time we go somewhere and if I’m not carrying them, I’m carrying bags, backpacks, shoes, etc. And then my mom brain forgets to go back out to the car because something else happened or someone else needs something. Oh ’tis the life of a mom.

My car is only a year old and it looks way older than that. I hate that it’s always such a mess so I decided to try and motivate myself to get it together. It would be a lot easier to have a clean car if I had the supplies to keep it clean, right? And even better if I had the supplies on hand at all times! Maybe it would help my car from looking (and smelling) like a landfill. I also included some items that I would need in case of emergency (or God forbid my kids’ toys run out of batteries on a long trip).

Here’s a list of some good things to keep in your car:


Yankee Candle® brand Vent Clips and Car Jars (in Clean Cotton and Pink Sands)

Garbage bags

Baby wipes



Lint Roller


Hand sanitizer wipes


I added a few things that would either help keep the car clean, or help keep my kids clean. Which in turn keeps the car clean…genius, right? (let me roll with it…) And is this Yankee Candle®  brand Car Jar not adorable?! I picked it up at Walmart in the automotive section, but they also have them near the laundry section. They had a variety of fragrances and I chose these two. So cute, right? I’ve always been obsessed with the Yankee Candle® brand and now I’ve become obsessed with these products too.



Everything is stored in a little bin behind my seat. This way, I can have easy access to it if need be.



I also found this nifty little vacuum that gets plugged into the car port, so I can clean the car on the go! This baby can either stay in the garage or ride in the trunk but knowing my kids, I may be needing it more than I think.



See that nice little mess right there? These pictures were clearly taken before I added this lovely little kit to the car. You can guess where I’ll be for the rest of the afternoon…

What are your tips and tricks for keeping your car clean and smelling fresh?  What types of items do you keep in your car in case of emergency?

Be sure to visit the Walmart assortment page for more great Yankee Candle brand products!






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