High Five for Friday

It’s FRIDAY! This week went super fast, which is good, because it means we’re a week closer to heading home for the holidays!
First, here are two important reminders:
1. The THAT just happened Thursday Link Party is still open. Don’t forget to link up each Thursday and share/read some crazy funny stories. 
2. The Stella and Dot Buy One, Gift One program for military service women, spouses and daughters is still going on. Beginning tomorrow, for every $50 you spend in December, you receive $25 in Dot Dollars to spend in January. Please consider helping this cause along, they seriously deserve it. You can read more about it here, shop here, or contact me for any questions. 
Now onto H54F with Lauren 🙂
1// We set up our Christmas tree and Bubba LOVES it. It’s a constant battle trying to keep him from tugging down the ornaments but to hear him say “wow” every morning when I turn it on, makes it totally worth it. 
2// Their bond just keeps getting stronger. Charlie, our lab, is the best dog ever. No matter how much Bubba pulls on her tail, ears, steals her bone, climbs over her, or lays on her, she doesn’t even flinch. Last night, Bubba climbed down and fell asleep on her. Melt.
3// Cake fight! Haha I don’t know why, but I just really wanted to smash cake in my husband’s face the other night. Naturally, he retaliated. I love that we can laugh and be silly. 
4// Night time snuggles. Usually I have to nurse him to get him to sleep but last night, he just laid down next to me and knocked out. I love this. 
5// My friend Kaitlyn posted about a young man who is battling cancer, again. Bubba and I decided to make cards to brighten his day and help him persevere through the hard days. We are putting them in the mail today 🙂 
Have a great weekend friends!




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