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The Great Pumpkin.


Hello friends and happy Monday! This weekend flew by and I’m dragging this morning after staying up until midnight on a Netflix binge. Anyone else ever had this problem? It sucks you in, I tell ya…

Anyways, we had a really great weekend and I’m sad to see it go! Friday night was pretty relaxing and after our typical Friday night pizza party, the kids passed out and Z and I binged on The Walking Dead. I was totally turned off by this show when we tried to start watching it on Netflix a few years ago and I finally caved and gave it a chance. And now I’m obsessed! Don’t tell Z though… we don’t need him walking around going “I told you so!”…

Saturday was jam packed with events. We headed to Paradise Pumpkin Patch in Eufaula, AL, the same pumpkin patch I took the kids to last year when Z was deployed. It’s seriously one of the best pumpkin patches for kids… there’s SO much to do! The kids fed the animals, played on the hay bales, took a ride on the cow train, played in the corn, picked pumpkins from the patch, and rode ponies! And you can clearly see the adults didn’t have any fun at all…



















That’s Nolan on the horse last year compared to this year… where is my baby going?! We were all super exhausted after a few hours at the patch and the kids both passed out on the way home. We only had enough time to run home, let the dog out, and be back on our way to Nolan’s friend’s 4th birthday party. Talk about a crazy day, right? But the kids had a blast with a bounce house, sand table, cupcakes, and an outdoor showing of The Little Mermaid. The grown-ups enjoyed some bomb queso, craft beer, and adult conversation. I’d say it was overall a good time 🙂 We headed home, put the kids to bed and you guessed it, watched some more Walking Dead. #noshame…

I used to despise Sundays because it meant the end of the weekend and the start of another week, but now I’ve learned to love them. We woke up, had our coffee, and made our game plan for the day. Which was supposed to be cleaning and organizing but of course, that’s hard to do with two toddlers. So we ended up going shopping, playing outside, and watching football. Anddddd cleaning a little here and there in between. Happy kids are more important than a clean house anyways, right?

We eat pasta every Sunday, just like I did growing up. Pizza every Friday, pasta every Sunday… can you tell I’m Italian? Z and I cleaned a little after the kids finally went to bed but then parked it and finished season 2… And I’m already counting down the hours until tonight so we can start the next season. No matter what show we’re binge watching, I love that it’s something Z and I can do together. It becomes “our” little thing when the kids go to sleep and I look forward to watching and spending that time with him.

Well friends that’s it for today! Have a fantabulous Monday friends… there are a few exciting things happening here this week, so stay tuned! xo





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